The 2020 ram 1500 offers a class-leading design that maximizes both towing capacity and payload capacity compared to the Chevy Silverado 1500, yet just how much does a ram 1500 weigh? The 2020 lamb 1500 has a curb weight of between 4,798 come 5,374 pounds unloaded. When loaded with passengers and also cargo, the Gross auto Weight Rating (GVWR) falls in between 6,800 and 7,100 pounds loaded. What walk this average for you and your Chatham travels? Let’s find out every little thing you should know about the 2020 ram 1500 weight!

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2020 lamb 1500 Curb weight vs. GVWR

You deserve to express the 2020 ram 1500 load in different ways, therefore it’s necessary to store each term straight once looking end the specs sheet:

Curb weight: This is the load of her unloaded vehicle, the truck’s pure weight prior to you present passengers and also cargo.

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GVWR: The Gross vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum load of the invited vehicle. The GVWR represents exactly how much weight have the right to be safe transported by the truck, including equipment and also towing.Tongue Weight: This is the quantity of weight the the completely loaded trailer areas on the van hitch downward, i m sorry is important to know if friend tow heavy loads.

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Too much tongue weight can make your car harder to control.

2020 ram 1500 Curb weight by Trim Level

The 2020 lamb 1500 weight gives optimal performance, for this reason you get a mix that steel and also aluminum that reduces total weight while an increasing towing capacity. Take a watch at exactly how the 2020 ram 1500 load varies every trim level:

2020 ram 1500 Tradesman Curb Weight: in between 4,798 and 5,227 pounds2020 ram 1500 huge Horn Curb Weight: between 4,891 and 5,160 pounds2020 lamb 1500 Laramie Curb Weight: in between 4,891 and 5,232 pounds2020 lamb 1500 Rebel Curb Weight: between 4,971 and 5,374 pounds2020 ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Curb Weight: between 4,903 and 5,232 pounds2020 ram 1500 minimal Curb Weight: between 4,903 and also 5,232 pounds

2020 ram 1500 GVWR by Trim Level

Now you know the 2020 lamb 1500 weight unloaded, however what about the GVWR? The ram 1500 supplies Rochester chauffeurs plenty the configurations built to handle heavy payload:

2020 lamb 1500 Tradesman GVWR: in between 6,800 and 7,100 pounds2020 lamb 1500 large Horn GVWR: in between 6,800 and 6,900 pounds2020 ram 1500 Laramie GVWR: in between 6,800 and also 6,900 pounds2020 lamb 1500 Rebel GVWR: in between 6,800 and also 6,900 pounds2020 ram 1500 Longhorn GVWR: 6,900 pounds2020 ram 1500 restricted GVWR: 6,900 pounds

2020 lamb 1500 Towing Capacity

You’ve check out all around the 2020 ram 1500 weight, yet how much deserve to you tow roughly Decatur? The ram 1500 towing volume maxes out at 12,750 pounds with modern technology like:

Active-Level™ Four edge Air SuspensionBlind Spot monitoring with rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection360 degree Surround watch CameraAvailable 4×4 Off-Road Package

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