Mongoose bicycle brand is among the hundreds of well-known bike brands about these job fighting because that a chance to it is in recognized. Yet with that numerous brands and also bikes around, it"s challenging for a details brand to was standing out! However, Mongoose bikes is among the couple of that do, and they"ve left an superior track record along the way. In this Mongoose bike Review, we"ll walk over whatever you have to know about the Mongoose brand and also why it may or might not it is in the agency you desire to assistance with your next bike purchase.

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Mongoose background Review

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To recognize if the mongoose bikes are any kind of good, discovering its brand history is one of the most an important factors. A general principle is the the larger the brand, the better the product in many cases. If the brand is new, you"d have no assurance that their commodities are good since they wouldn"t receive enough feedback on exactly how to enhance their bikes. As such, whenever you view a brand that has survived because that decades, you can rest assured that this brand has wonderful track record.

Mongoose bikes, prefer a few other cycle brands, has actually been farming and transforming owners over the years. These ownership changes can be a tell-tale authorize of a struggling brand or denote that it to be worth acquiring. In the case of Mongoose, it might be a mixture the both struggles and also successes.

Mongoose was an initial founded in September 1974 through Skipp Hess as BMX Products, Inc. At the time, there weren"t many BMX bike dealers, and Mongoose conveniently took come the human being stage v their products. Lock reported good success and also had a high need that required creating 600 cycle frames a day.

Later on, competition and other economic factors led to their brand changing owners in 1985, 1995, and also finally finishing up in the hands of the Pacific Cycle(owned now by Dorel Industries) in the 2000s. Because then, the brand has grown reasonably stable and also has branched the end in hill Bikes and also Scooters.

These days Mongoose (company) serves a vast market with great entry-level bikes like the Mongoose Dolomite, Argus, and Malus. Those bikes are among the ideal in course Fat tire hill bikes you might buy appropriate now. And also at this point, no other brand does it much better than Mongoose for the very same price.

With that tiny bit of background in mind, we have the right to now answer among the most crucial questions you can have wondered:

Is Mongoose a an excellent Bike Brand?

Yes, Mongoose is thought about a good brand with several high-quality bicycles. The company makes BMX, hill Bikes, and also Fat tire bikes that deliver superior performance at a short price that most other brands discover had to contend against. Moreover, their entry-level bikes, men, women, and also kids bikes receive good acclaim.

To offer you a clearer snapshot of whether mongoose is a good bike brand, we"ll go into much more detail around each of their bike species in the Mongoose Bikes Reviews section below. If you"re interested in i beg your pardon of their bikes is the ideal Mongoose Bikes come Buy, you"ll want to proceed reading.

Mongoose bicycle Reviews

Now that you"ve made that this far, we"ll quickly go over the different varieties of Mongoose bikes. We"ll also give a short review of each of the ideal mongoose bicycles in each of your categories. That way, you will know for certain which types to get and which come avoid.

A indigenous of caution:

Mongoose entry-level bikes are taken into consideration entry-level because they are constructed solely because that light and also moderate rides. Many of their entry-level bikes deserve to be found everywhere on virtual retailers. But if you"re trying to find more committed mongoose bikes that deserve to do the things displayed in the video below, you"ll need to buy straight from the specialized shops that we"ll share after the reviews.

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The Mongoose Dolomite is among the most popular fat tires bikes currently easily accessible now. It features extra-large wheels that will certainly let you tackle any kind of terrain. And also best the all, the retails in ~ an very affordable price that other bike manufacturers can"t contend against.

The Dolomite bicycle features a 7-speed twisted shifter and also a rear derailleur that alters gears smoothly. It has massive 26" x 4" knobby fat tires that roll over everything. Plus, the resilient steel structure makes it much more than qualified of managing rocky terrains without any hassle.

The only downside us found about the Dolomite is the brakes. It offers a twin disc brake setup, however we discovered that it just doesn"t protect against as sharply. However considering the it"s a fat tire bike the weighs around 48 lbs, we deserve to ignore this issue. When the protecting against power isn"t that great due come the weight, they will still perform very well in any type of weather condition. Key brakes do much better than brake pads once the wheels are wet.

If you weigh over 300 pounds and also need wonderful mongoose hill bike for her weight, climate the Dolomite is a good product.

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The Mongoose Malus is the more recent upgrade the the Dolomite that addressed some of its shortcomings. However, this solve does come at a slightly boosted price with few performance increases.

Like the Dolomite, the Malus additionally features a steel mountain layout fat tires frame. It offers the same dual disc brake setup yet offers much better stopping power and speed control than the Dolomite. This is because the Malus uses far better and lighter tires 보다 the Dolomite.

Both bikes offer the exact same wheel size of 26x4" with alloy rims and also 7-speed twist shifters.

What"s the main difference in between the Mongoose Malus vs Dolomite?

The major difference is the the Mongoose Malus is newer and also lighter 보다 the Dolomite due to the fact that it uses much better tires. However, the Dolomite is cheaper than the Malus on many retail sites. Another difference is the you deserve to get an ext color options in the Malus than in the Dolomite.

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The critical of your fat-tire bikes that we discovered noteworthy is the Mongoose Argus. It features much that the exact same setup however with more premium components. So rather of mongoose shifters, you"ll get Shimano 7 rate derailleur. Moreover, you"ll even be getting much better braking power from this disc brake setup top top the Mongoose Argus.

However, one point to note is the the Mongoose Argus come in 2 sizes, vice versa, the others only have actually one. So through the Argus, friend can get the 24-inch variant, i beg your pardon is suitable for kids. And then the standard 26-inch option for adults.

It"s still the exact same tires, hardtail frame, handlebars, and also it still provides outstanding reliability for also the most difficult riders.

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The Mongoose location lineup supplies six bike alternatives to select from for beginners come BMX style bikes to the elite agree riders. They room affordable while quiet offering numerous premium top quality components. Moreover, girlfriend can acquire them in size to right just about any rider.

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With the Mongoose location BMX, you"ll obtain a lightweight Tectonic T1 Aluminum frame that is exceptionally fine built. The frame functions internal cable routing that offers it a really clean watch and permits you to perform stunts safely. It has actually a optimal tube size of 21.26" and weighs just 2.76 lbs!

For the drivetrain, you"ll acquire a three-piece, 170mm tubular chromo cranks paired through 44T chainrings and also euro cartridge bottom brackets. It additionally has one aluminum linear-pull brake.

Overall, the Mongoose location is fantastic BMX design for beginners. If you want a more premium version with superior components, you have to opt because that the Title upstream Pro. The upstream Pro has all the bells and whistles that will make even Pro riders laugh from ear to ear. Https://