From animals raised and also pastured ~ above land, this elegantly ‘French-trimmed’ rack of lamb is tender, flavourful and also easy to chef – the perfect centrepiece for a unique meal.

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* lamb is offered by David Lockwood, who ranches in surrounding Aylesbeare. After enjoying the wealthy grazing pastures of eastern Devon, the lambs are closely selected when they with the correct weight; they room slaughtered at a local abattoir to save stress come a minimum. Hung because that a minimum the ten days, the meat becomes even more flavoursome and tender. Our grasp butchers then prepare that on-site in ~ farm Shop, skilfully transforming it into plump chops, standard roasts, burgers, meatballs and much, lot more.

Butcher's Tips

‘French trimming’ is component of the presentation that the meat, and simply way that the end of the rib bones are left exposed ~ the fat has been trimmed away. To carve your cooked rack, simply take a sharp knife and slice steady downward between the skeleton to develop individual cutlets.

How to Cook

To roast the rack the lamb, chef it in ~ high warm (220°C/gas note 7) for around 20 minutes if you choose the meat to stay pink in the middle; leaving it because that 5-10 minutes much longer if you favor it fine done. Eliminate from the oven, wrap in foil and also leave to remainder for up to 10 minute so that the juices have the right to suffuse the meat v their flavour.

Product specification

Storage InstructionsIngredientsSource
Store in fridge and consume in ~ 2-3 job of receipt, or freeze immediately. An ideal for freezing. All items space labelled with use by dates.
100% brothers Lamb


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