"Criminal Minds" ran longer than you may think. Follow to IMDb, the present — revolving approximately a group of investigators in the FBI"s behavior science unit who offered their analytical abilities come hunt down serial killers and criminals — aired because that a massive 15 seasons from 2005 come 2020.

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The longevity that "Criminal Minds" did not just make cast members favor Matthew Gray Gubler, Kristen Vangsness, Shemar Moore, and A.J. Chef household name (at the very least to crime TV-loving households), but also paid them an extremely well ... And also we"ll gain to that. Cook, in particular, had an exciting trajectory top top the show, which saw her depart together the quick-witted criminal profiler Jennifer "JJ" Jareau because that one season in 2010. Chef returned to "Criminal Minds" in Season 7 and also remained ~ above the show until the collection finale in 2020, per nation Living.

Although chef was finest known for her character ~ above "Criminal Minds," she has actually to be acting due to the fact that the 1990s, showing up in end 30 projects, according to she IMDb profile. Between her value from "Criminal Minds" and also her various other film and television appearances, she has earned quite a many money transparent the years! find out how much she"s yes, really worth below.


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A.J. Chef may be ideal known because that her function as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau top top "Criminal Minds," but she has actually been acting for virtually three decades. Cook began acting professionally in the 1990s once she was 17 year old, guest-appearing in "Goosebumps" and also other TV movies, per IMDb. She gained her breakthrough when she play the troubled mary Lisbon in the Sofia Coppola cult classic "The Virgin Suicides," and has been working in Hollywood ever before since. Cook additionally starred in multiple hit films like "Final location 2, "Misconceptions," and "Least amongst Saints."

All that Cook"s exhilaration roles have actually amounted to a pretty great net worth, through Celebrity net Worth estimating she"s precious $5 million. While chef has never publicly comment on what she earned from "Criminal Minds," deadline reported the she and also Kristen Vangness obtained a an extensive pay advanced in 2017 to go back to the show and the amount was on par with fellow co-star Matthew Gray Gubler, that earned more than $100,000 per episode. 

Although chef has said goodbye to "Criminal Minds," she has a lot more opportunities to knife money, consisting of trying she hand in ~ directing. She told Parade in 2019, "I"m yes, really excited to do a little an ext directing since to be such an significant experience and that"s to be a lifelong goal for me."