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LALW3062540.0000.02450.035861053-2OCT 15, 2021GSW vs. PORW241041040.0020.02450.01567112224OCT 08, 2021GSW vs. LALW2421425.0020.0000.01567323213

Draymond Green: produces well-rounded stat line

Green finished Thursday's 115-113 victory over the Clippers with 10 clues (4-5 FG, 2-9 FT), 7 assists, six rebounds and one steal end 34 minutes.

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Draymond Green: beginning with restricted workload

Head coach Steve Kerr claimed Sunday that environment-friendly will begin the 2021-22 season ~ above a irradiate minutes restriction, Connor Letourneau the the mountain Francisco Chronicle reports. "In a main or two, he'll be prepared to pat his full load of minutes," Kerr stated of Green. "I think he's right where he needs to be."

Draymond Green: Won't play Tuesday

Green won't beat in Tuesday's preseason contest versus the Lakers, Anthony Slater the The strong reports.

Draymond Green: earlier at practice Thursday

Green (personal) to be at Thursday's practice, Anthony Slater of The athletic reports.

Draymond Green: Excused from media day

Green was not existing at Monday's media day due to a personal matter, Anthony Slater of The athletic reports.

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6 All-Defensive Team


1 defensive Player of the Year

1 Player of the Week

1 Olympic yellow Medal


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