Materiallbs./ cu. Yd.tons/ cu. Yd.

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Andesine Stone48872.44
Basalt Rock48872.44
Brick, soft clay27181.35
Brick, hard clay33971.69
Brick, pressed38061.90
Brick, paving36941.84
Block, paving36941.84
Cement, natural1512.75
Cement, Portland24301.21
Cement Portland, set1863.93
Cement Rosendale1863.93
Clay, dry1701.85
Clay, wet29701.48
Clay & gravel, dry27001.35
Coal, Anthracite1536.76
Coal, Bituminous1275.64
Concrete, cinders29701.48
Concrete, gravel41042.05
Concrete, limestone40502.02
Concrete, sandstone39151.95
Concrete, trap rock41852.09
Crush Stone27001.35
Earth, dry, loose1890.94
Earth, damp, loose21061.05
Earth, damp, packed25921.29
Earth & gravel, dry27001.35
Earth & gravel, wet32401.62
Earth & sand, dry27091.35

Materiallbs./ cu. Yd.tons/ cu. Yd.
Earth & Sand, wet32401.62
Fire brick39151.95
Fire Clay35101.75
Gravel, dry29701.48
Gravel, out of water1620.81
Lime, quick, loose1431.71
Lime, quick, shaken1485.70
Limestone, solid45362.26
Limestone, loose25921.29
Marble, solid44552.22
Marble loose25921.29
Mortar, set27811.39
Mud, dry24301.21
Mud, packed31051.55
Mud, wet29161.45
Plaster of paris26461.32
Powder, blasting1682.84
Sand, dry, loose26191.30
Sand, wet31861.59
Slag, bank1890.94
Slag, screenings27001.35
Slag, machine25921.29
Slag, sand1485.74
Trap stone58492.52

Most of Harmony Sand & Gravel’s products will weight approximately 2,840 pounds per cubic yard or around 1.42 tons per cubic yard. Because that estimating purposes, most Contractor’s think about the yield to it is in 3,000 pounds per cubic yard or 1.5 loads per cubic yard.

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