Leopard Gecko Pricing

Good news! As far as exotic pets, a leopard gecko might be one of the most cost effective options. The price that a leopard gecko is generally roughly $30-$50 at your neighborhood chain pet store.  Privately own pet shop usually have actually competitive pricing. Adult reptiles have much more time and also care invested, and also may be slightly more expensive.

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We’drecommend buying your gecko together young together possible. Not only might this conserve you money, butallows you to form a better bond v your pet. This provides you much more opportunity to handle your pet frequently from ayoung period make sure our pet isaccustomed to gift touched.As sensibly priced together your standard leopard gecko is, you have the right to step it approximately the next level. Enter the Morph. Morphs are leopard geckos bred specially because that color and also patterns. Think the these together designer lizards. Depending on the rarity the the morph and also the color and also pattern that the separation, personal, instance lizard, morphs deserve to be much an ext expensive and also run right into the hundreds of dollars range.Some morphs might be priced end $1000 dollars because that ultra rarely breeds, prefer the black Night Leopard Gecko displayed here.
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*We’re an affiliate – we might earn a commission through qualifying purchases from the links on this page. Together always, thanks!*You’ll typically find a large assortment of morphs from private breeders showcasing in ~ reptile reflects or expos. Breeders can likewise be uncovered online. Because that example, CB Reptile (affiliate connect to cbreptile.com) has actually a wide selection of leopard gecko form (and various other reptiles) easily accessible for sale.Related post: What sort of leopard gecko morph breeds space there?

Are there Other costs to Owning a Leopard Gecko?

In enhancement to the gecko itself, you’ll likewise want to take into consideration the total cost that ownership. her lizard companion will need a place to sleep, creature comforts, and food. Listed below you’ll discover a rapid rundown that the an essential things you’ll need, complete with links to some instance products. Exact cost may fluctuate, so you can examine the finest prices making use of the affiliate web links below.


Pricewill vary depending upon the size of the tank or enclosure girlfriend choose. The good news is leopard geckos arerelatively small, and also are usually residence in small (and cheaper) tanks 보다 alarger pet would certainly require. You’reprobably walk to it is in looking at tanks in the 10-20 gallon range. If you desire to begin with a simple glass aquarium, price can variety from $30 come $100 dollars relying on the size. Because that an aquarium, a lid may run in the $10 come $15 disagreement range.For cages and also enclosures designed specifically for reptiles, you have the right to expect to pay approximately $200 relying on size and features.

Leopard Gecko Accessories

Inaddition to the enclosure itself, there are some various other items you’ll definitelyneed:Light fixture and bulbs (No require for pricier UV lights) $30-50 because that lights and also bulbsHeat source – Under the tanks warmth pads have the right to be $12-$20Thermometers – $5-$10Water & Food Bowl – $5-$10 eachSubstrate – Reptile Carpet or sand mat – $12-15Hides – $10-$15Décor -10-20Related Post – check out our article to learn around the best kinds of substrate (and what no to buy)


Food is one continuous expense, while small leopard geckos may start the end eating the freeze dried insects, you’ll require to preserve a it is provided of live insects for her gecko.  Live mealworms and crickets deserve to be uncovered online and also shipped to your door, though may be pricier than your neighborhood petshop. Live feeders should likewise be readily available at many pet stores, and also are relatively inexpensive. Aspect in $5-6 per month top top food.Of course, if you’re inclined to conserve some money and trips to the pet store, you deserve to breed your own.To skinny more, click the connect to inspect out our feeding overview for leopard geckos.

How much does a leopard gecko expense to own?

All in, what is the total cost of ownership for a leopard gecko? in between the budget plan and more expensive options, the median cost would be number of hundred dollars.BudgetPremiumLeopard Gecko30200Tank/Enclosure/Cage30200Lighting3050Heat Source1220Thermometer510Water& FoodBowl1020Substrate1215Hides/Decor2050Total Price Range$ 149$ 565

One critical Thing

As constantly it’s best to plan for emergencies. Budgeting for random vet visits and unexpected expenses should the require arise is always a wise idea. For a substantial outline of everything you’d need, check out ours leopard gecko setup and also gear article here.
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