Tejano bands and also their music are part of the music heritage the Texas. Any kind of Texas-based entertainment booking company will execute Tejano music booking as part of the regular course of doing service in Texas and the Southwest. In fact, the Tejano music genre and its counterpart on the Mexican next of the border, Música Norteña, has spread to many locations of the joined States.

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Tejano music is “Americanized” Norteño music. Together it evolved, Tejano music incorporated the music of various other Texas inhabitants in central and southern Texas, separating it from other Mexican ranges of music. In fact, words “Tejano” actually method “Texan” and also refers come a Texas-Mexican. Tejano bands are likewise referred to as “Tex-Mex bands” by part to define their music. You have the right to see an ext information and history on the musical genre in our blog Norteño, Conjunto, Tejano Music Booking – which is it?.

TSE to chat is a Texas-based entertainment company booking numerous Tejano bands for events celebrating Texas’ good Hispanic heritage. During its 45-year history, TSE prides itself on booking numerous Tejano bands and also individual artist as component that history.

Booking Tejano Bands Is a Priority for many Celebrations

The selection of occasions different in heavily Hispanic populated areas. Among the most renowned for countless is the Quinceañera. This fiesta de quince años is a celebration once a girl reaches her 15th birthday. Of course, booking Tejano bands room a popular choice as the entertainment because that wedding receptions in the mexico American culture in the U.S. Tejano bands are also in need for birthday and also other personal parties together well.

Today there are many festivals about the nation celebrating Latin culture and accomplishments. TSE is pleased to publication Tejano and also Norteño bands as component of the festival entertainment because that such events. Whether it’s the Salsa Festival in Maricopa, Arizona or the Grito Fest in Baytown, Texas, TSE knows the right band or artist because that such events. After all, once you book a genre for many years, you get to understand the ideal artists and also Tejano bands. Not only the finest performers, but which persons will display up top top time and conduct us professionally transparent an event. Psychic you desire those attending your chance to go away having actually thoroughly enjoyed the event. It is why on-stage and off-stage conduct is crucial in booking Tejano bands.

That’s why working through an proficient Tejano band booking firm can help you uncover the right Tejano artist for your party, concert, or festival. Even if it is you room a talent the person who lives for a venue, or an separation, personal, instance needing to book the perfect Tejano band for her daughter’s Quinceañera, it’s finest to job-related with a music booking agency that is competent in the genre. TSE Entertainment books all species of Tejano artists year ~ year. TSE also has that is own expanding roster the Featured Latin American Artist. Examine them out below.

TSE’s Featured Tejano, Norteño and Latin Bands

Michael Salgado – A known name in Tejano music v both Country and Tejano roots. Michael has actually received countless awards in the Tejano music industry, including “Best song of The Year” from Tejano Music Awards v “Ya No Voy Aguantar”. Finest Album regional Mexican” native the Billboard Latin Music Awards. And being nominated for “Best Banda Norteño” at the 2012 Grammy Awards with his album Honky Tonks and also Cantinas.

Bombasta – Bombasta is a horn-driven cumbia rhythms band through a high power live performance and also original tunes the everyone have the right to dance to. This team of talent has actually been known as Artist the the Year and also Best Latin different Band through peers and publications throughout Texas! Hear their latest single Tanto Amore exit April 20, 2020.

Tejano Highway 281 – A chart-topping Texas-based Tejano band that was named Best brand-new Artist-Group in ~ the Tejano Music Awards, and also Best Tejano participation Of The Year at the Tejano Music room of fame Awards. They have actually reached the height of the charts through multiple singles and have produced a distinctive style of Tejano/Conjunto music the is projecting to be the next huge musical act in Tejano music.

Gupo Vida – Throughout your career as both a performing Country and Tejano band, Grupo Vida has received 3 Grammy nominations, and over one million YouTube views. End the years Grupo Vida has actually shared the phase with significant names together as little Joe, Bob Gallarza, Joe Bravo, Jay Perez, and many others. They even toured on the Dixie chicks “Fly” tour which likewise included opened acts Patty Griffin, Willie Nelson, Ricky Staggs, and Joe Ely!

Yamila – Yamila is an authentic Cuban-Latin artist that has performed anywhere the world with her initial Cuban dance music. Yamila has actually performed at huge events such together the Oscars and also LACMA, and on TV networks such together CBS, ABC, Showtime, and also PBS. Having actually won 2 Grammy Awards and six Grammy nominations, Yamila is a charismatic performer that continues to market out big venues and also theatres throughout the globe.

Karina Nistal – A vibrant and also charismatic singer/songwriter known for her extensive variety and varied collaborations. Karina has distinctive musical stylings special the finest of Jazz, Soul, Reggaetón, Rap, and Dance. She Cuban/Mexican heritage and also Texas upbringing offer her music an unforgettable edge. She the an initial artist to present the world to the genre ReggaeTron – a cutting-edge blend of Electro & reggaetón.

All the the acts featured on ours Latin American artists Roster are professional musicians who are easy to job-related with and always administer top-notch live performances. They all receive an excellent reviews, or they would certainly not be part of our roster. We are constantly looking to thrive our roster with the finest talent. We likewise book the optimal Tejano bands and also artists native the U.S., even if it is featured on our roster or not.TSE books Norteño bands native Mexico because that U.S. Occasions as component of our organization to our clients.

Tejano Bands Booked through TSE Entertainment

Over the years TSE has actually booked many Tejano bands and also talent. You have the right to view a list of artists booked by TSE Entertainment, or check out the perform of some of the big Tejano acts below.There space many, many more as girlfriend would suppose from 45 years of booking Tejano bands.

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Michael Salgado AJ Castillo Siggno Sonora Dinamita Estrella Music group Solido ram Herrera Fito Olivares Max Beca & Los Texmaniacs Los Terribles Del Norte La Mafia

Not all Tejano bands are the same. To discover the ideal one for her upcoming occasion, revolve to TSE to aid you in that process. If you room planning for a party, festival, or other event in the following year, it’s no too shortly to acquire started. Mental our solutions are complimentary until we discover the right artists for your event.