What is history’s biggest illusion? Is it the Indian Rope trick or is it performed by Houdini or maybe David Copperfield. No, this is an illusion which is so large that the whole world has fallen for it. Basically every separation, personal, instance in the Western human being and also many in the East believe in this illusion.

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The illusion is so huge and yes, really so evident but quiet nobody have the right to see it. The reason nobody have the right to see it is due to the fact that nobody wants to see it. Anyone prefers to be under the illusion the the emperor has apparel although he is totally naked.

Later in this article I additionally will talk around the King Solomon and the prestige of the number 666 for gold and silver investors.


Before we talk about the large illusion, stop look at one of the plenty of mini-illusions that has arised in this century. The surname of the firm should really be“WeLoseLotsOfMoney”but they have actually chosen an additional name i m sorry is just as bad, namely“WeWork”.

I have learnt because I was a young male that once you work, you are claimed to earn money. Yet this is a firm that in this modern-day era is based, on as they state,“elevating consciousness”and no on something together mundane as making money. Due to the fact that this agency really seems totally unconscious. Exactly how else have the right to they do losses that $500 million, $900 million and $1.9 exchange rate in the last three years and lose still more this year. The management is valuing the company at $47 exchange rate but few people agree through them. For this reason what perform they do? castle rent the end office an are on brief term leases whilst they have long hatchet lease obligations of virtually $50 billion. A an extremely dangerous mismatch.

The founder and CEO has currently sold shares for $700 million. Sounds that he doesn’t believe what that is preaching. This reminds me of a firm in the UK throughout the south Sea balloon era in the 1720s the was increasing money for a new venture. They had no task and no in-depth plans. The prospectus just said that their function was to make money. Well at the very least that is a better goal than shedding billions like WeWork.


And this is i m so sad the situation with the civilization as a entirety too. Soon, us will discover that practically all riches is constructed on one illusion. Because worldwide wealth approximately $325 sunshine was never ever real yet just an illusion based on fake or made money. As an international debt that $250 trillion implodes, so will the assets the were supported by this debt. In enhancement there is at least $1.5 quadrillion that derivatives that will entirely disappear right into a black color hole. This will certainly make the asset devastation greatly greater.

The destruction of assets as soon as all this is finished will typical thatin real terms, stocks, bonds and also property values will lose on mean probably 90-95%.Many record assets will certainly disappear entirely whilst some difficult assets will fare a little bit better.

Since most human being in the West have actually debt, they will certainly not suffer disastrous losses however the difficulty will be if they borrowed money versus their houses, they will be left with an unfavorable equity. The affluent who have most that the riches in the civilization will naturally see the best losses.

GOVERNMENTS will certainly NOT save THE civilization THIS TIME

The large problem for most civilization is that they live under the illusion the they will certainly be conserved by governments or the main banks. Since for decades, federal governments have constantly stepped in, printed an ext money to prop up share or link markets, because that social security, pensions and also saved failing banks and also businesses. Since governments have accessibility to endless complimentary money with money printing, there have been unlimited resources to fix every financial difficulty that arises. And also now through $17 sunshine of debt with negative interest, federal government is additionally being paid because that borrowing money. What one absurd world.

But it will lead to even greater absurdity prior to it is over. Because now with an unfavorable rates, governments can borrow much more than ever,and will!Many investor will execute the exact same thing and also invest millions or billions into projects that are simply marginally profitable.So with an adverse rates, federal governments and central banks are not resolving the debt trouble of the world yet exacerbating it. By make the efforts to deal with a debt problem with much more debt, the difficulty will flourish exponentially prior to it implodes.

In the end, no one will certainly buy the debt of course. Why should you buy a debt document from a government that will certainly either no repay the at all or v money which has lost at least 99% that its value.


There is of course one asset class which is no an illusion but very real. It has actually an intrinsic value, is nobody else’s liability and also has been money for thousands of years. Ns am talk of physics gold and silver of course.

Precious metals are absolutely important to host as protection and insurance against the coming devastation of assets. Over there is still less than 1/2% of human being financial heritage in physical silver and also gold. No individual investors, nor institutions have actually yet woken up to the reality that over there is this wonderful invest that you can hold which over time has constantly maintained purchasing strength whilst all paper money has constantly gone come ZERO. And sadly most investors i will not ~ realise the prominence of gold and silver for their financial survival before it is too late.

As I have pointed out a few times lately, the precious metals have actually now began the next phase in the bull market that began in year 2000. After a 6 year correction we have actually moved to new highs in yellow in most currencies except for the dollar. So that isonly a matter of time before additionally gold in dollars makes new highs above the $1,920 high in 2011.It might happen later on this year or at an early stage in 2020.


In the very solid metals bull market, which we will experience in comes years, it will be very an overwhelming to time corrections because the big risk will certainly be to miss the upside moves. There will of food be violent corrections, specifically in silver, yet they will be rapid and quickly reverse. Critical week we witnessed such a correction. For lengthy term holders they room irrelevant. Yet if you space not totally invested, they give terrific opportunity to acquisition metals. The existing correction could last one or two weeks maximum. Price wise we will most likely not view much lower levels 보다 today.

Thereafter I mean a very strong move lasting into the year end and continuing in 2020. Yellow at $2000 by the year finish is not difficult with silver over $30.But wealth preservation investors must remember that holding steels is much an ext important than focusing on every little thing level gold and also silver will by a specific time.I to be only offering these potential targets to suggest that the steels are now in a phase or cycle when the moves to the upside are likely to it is in significant.



I have a few times talked around $666 in link with silver. Part investors room superstitious and either like to change the number to 665 or 667 or talk about 666 together Luciferian.

My long standing minimum estimate for yellow is at least $10,000. If we assume the the gold/silver ratio goes back to its long term historical average the 15 (82 today), that would provide a silver- price of $666. Civilization who think the this figure is ominous have actually read the wrong thing in the bible.

666 is a very important number for precious steels in the bible. Let’s walk to:2 Chronicles 9:13

“The load of yellow that involved Solomon in one year was six hundred sixty-six talents of gold.”

666 talent of yellow is 22 tonnes which now is worth end $1 billion. This to be the quantity of gold that King Solomon received in payments and gifts. Thus 666 is a really important figure in the bible for precious metals investors fairly than the inference that some think about.

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So monitor the way King Solomon and also collect as lot gold as you have the right to afford, whether that means one gramme every month ($50) or much bigger amounts. Because that the very few Venezuelans who did before their money to be destroyed, it saved their lives.