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The buffalo nickel is among the most famous coins of all time. Now metals investors can gain that familiar and iconic architecture in a pure copper round. Copper is less expensive and also fills a void for countless preparing against the day metals may be required for barter and trade. Until recently, smaller sized units of pure copper plainly marked with weight and purity were no available.

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The original "Buffalo" nickel to be designed by the artist James Earle Fraser. His efforts were part of a wider effort to upgrade the nation"s currency. The us Mint i was delegated a variety of artists to create new images because that the coinage. Fraser"s style for the nickel, motivated by his childhood in Minnesota, is possibly the many beloved.

The "Buffalo" nickel was in circulated in the United states from 1913 to 1938. The bison featured on the reverse side was modeled after "Black Diamond", a buffalo on display screen at new York"s main Park Zoo in the early 1900"s.

These pure copper rounds lug the bison standing upona dust mound, just as top top the initial coin. The message ".999 well Copper" is stamped over the bison and also the weight - "One AVDP Ounce" - is displayed below.

The reverse side of every round carries the acquainted profile of a aboriginal American Chieftain, in addition to the word "Liberty".

Therounds ship from the mint pipe of 20 rounds. A full box contains 25 pipe - 500 ounces.The weight of the rounds is in conventional (avoirdupois) ounces, fairly than troy ounces.Rounds are made by the Osborne Mint - America"s oldest private mint situated in Cincinnati, OH.

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Purity:99.9% copper - minimum
Weight:1 conventional (avoirdupois) ounce

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