In this page we will talk about the Rare Euro Cent Coins, but prior to entering right into the particular topic we begin from the beginning. The Year 2002 is the year the marks the entry of euro cents right into Europe.The 1 euro is split into 1 hundred cents and also the coins room eight in all: 2 euros | 1 euro | 50 cents | 20 cents | 10 cent | 5 cent | 2 cent | 1 cent.

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Introduction to rare Euro Cent CoinsCommon and Rare Euro Cent Coins1-Cent – Rare Euro Cent Coins2-Cent – Rare Euro Cent Coins5-Cents – Rare Euro Cent Coins10-Cents – Rare Euro Cent Coins20-Cents – Rare Euro Cent Coins50-Cents – Rare Euro Cent Coins

Introduction to rare Euro Cent Coins

All Euro coins have a map of Europe on the reverse, while on the straight side each coin has actually a different architecture depending on the euro zone.

From this that is simple to imagine that there space a huge number that coins in circulation, of the exact same denomination, with a selection of various designs.

The 8 Euro cuts, consisting of the Euro cents

In enhancement to this peculiarity, over there are several Rare Euro Cent Coins. Most of them space coins developed for commemorative purposes and issued because that collecting.But there are additionally some instances withdrawn indigenous the market due to the fact that they space wrong and therefore an extremely rare pieces, or unfindable.

“Then go with your purses.You might have a coin worth a few thousand euros and also not understand it.Then don’t say ns didn’t warning you!” Cit.

Common andRare Euro Cent Coins

Let’s now go and also discover in more detail the euro cents and also the particularities the these little coins.

The 1, 2 and also 5 cent coins present Europe in relation to Africa and Asia.

The 5 cents through Europe between Africa and Asia

The others, pointed out above, display the EU prior to its expansion (May 2004) till the minting of January 2007.

Euro Cents with a map the Europe

The coins minted later display a map of Europe.

These are just some of the curiosities about euro cents.If girlfriend would favor to learn an ext about collecting europe coins, climate the Euro coins collections write-up is what you room looking for.


1-Cent –Rare Euro Cent Coins

Let us now get to recognize the characteristics of the 1-cent euro coin, and also let united state see why anyone is in search of the rarely one.

The 1 cent is the the smallest euro coins.It weighs 2.30 grams, has actually a diameter the 16 mm and also is made of steel v copper plating.The edges space smooth and also the axes are German style.

1-cent coin has been in circulation due to the fact that 2002, although few of the coins day from 1999, the year in i beg your pardon the euro was minted.

The usual side of all 1 euro cent coins, the reverse, to be engraved by Luc Luycx and also shows a globe at the bottom right.There are additionally the climate 15 members the the EU, the northern half of Africa and the western fifty percent of Asia.Six thin lines reduced from behind, diagonally, the world with 12 stars at the end.At the optimal left is the number 1 and also the inscription EURO CENT.At the bottom appropriate of the world are the initials the the engraver LL.

1 Euro Cent Coins Castel del Monte

1 Euro cent through Castel del Monte

The directly side of the coin is not unique but varies follow to the country of issue. However, all European countries must incorporate the twelve stars, the engraver’s initials and also the year of problem in your coins.

In the mint the Rome, on the directly side, the coin mirrors Castel del Monte (Puglia), one octagonal building built through Frederick II that Swabia.Around 12 five-pointed stars representing the european Union, under the monogram of the Italian Republic (R i superimposed), between the mint sign on the left and the initials of the writer Eugenio Driutti ( ED superimposed). Below the thousandth.The summary is smooth and the axes space German style.

Value of1-Cent rarely Euro Coin

The value of the 1-cent coin varies according to number of factors.Did you understand that girlfriend can uncover pieces v a worth of 1€ but likewise from 550€?Let’s go and see in detail.

The 1 euro cent coin, produced in 2004, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, in conservation status FDC, is worth only 1 €1 euro cent native the Netherlands in 1999, if FdC, is worth about 1.20€.The 1 cent coin from Malta showing the holy place of Mnajdra, if FdC is worth 2€.1 rarely Euro Cent Coins native 2003 indigenous the Republic of mountain Marino, worth around 10€ under FdC conditions.The rarest 1 rare Euro Cent Coins is a minting error. The is a unilateral minting, i.e. V an incision just on the earlier and there is no the year that minting. That is precious 550€ if FdC and you deserve to see an instance in the photo below.

The wrong 1-cent Euro Coin

Among the euro cents there space some instances that could be specifically sought-after through collectors. In particular, what we room going to define now is much more “known” 보다 the coinage error we defined earlier.It is 1 cent that, due to an error the the state mint, reflects on the directly side the Mole Antonelliana .

1 rarely cent coin, additionally called 1 Cent “Mole Antonelliana”, which has a value of hundreds of euros.

In particular, the 1 cent coin shows the picture of the 2 centesimi coin, the is the Mole Antonelliana that Turin. In reality the correct coin must represent Castel del Monte In Puglia.Also the diameter is the of the 2 centesimi coin, that is of 18,75 mm.

These 7000 wrong coins were, in part, withdrawn as shortly as the error was discovered.However, that is thought that there space at the very least 100 coins in circulation that have escaped requisition. This are an especially interesting because that both numismatics enthusiasts and also collectors.

Valure the the dorn 1-cent Euro Coin

The value of the dorn 1 euro cent coin is around 2.500€ – 3000€. Some examples at the auction “Bolaffi” have actually reached a value of 6.000€.Interesting, isn’t it?At a Numismatic auction that Bolaffi ~ above 23 may 2013, the many expensive piece was marketed for €6,600 with an auction basic of €2,500.

Remember the Bolaffi owns at the very least 6 coins with the error!

2-Cent –Rare Euro Cent Coins

Now let’s relocate on to the 2-cent coin.The 2-cent europe coin synchronizes to one fiftieth of a euro and is do of copper-plated steel.It has a diameter the 18.75 mm, weighs 3 grams and has a thickness that 1.67 mm.The axes room German style and also the contour v horizontal thread.

All coins have actually a common design on the ago and a country-specific right face.The typical side of all coins to be engraved by Luc Luycx and shows a globe at the bottom right.You can additionally see the climate 15 members that the EU, the northern half of Africa and also the western half of Asia.Six slim lines reduced from behind, diagonally, the globe with 12 stars in ~ the end.

At the top left of the 2-cent coin over there is the number 2 and also the indigenous “EURO CENT”.At the bottom appropriate of the globe are the initials that the engraver LL.

In the Mint that Rome, the coin mirrors on its straight side the Mole Antonelliana. The design of the Mole Antonelliana was likewise accidentally minted on part 1-cent coins, resulting in a minting error that has sent to the stars the quotation of this coin because that coin collectors. We talked around it in the ahead chapter.

Around 12 five-pointed stars representing the europe Union, on the left the monogram the the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), top top the appropriate the mint sign and also the monogram the the author Luciana De Simoni (LDS). The summary of the coin is perfect by the German-style axes and the contour with horizontal threads.

2-Cents Coin precious 2.500 euro

As us have already written prior to it is a 2 cent coin with printed illustration the the 1 cent coin. We refer to this coin together “1 cent through the Mole Antonelliana” or “wrong 1 cent the euro”, because it has the design that the 1 cent coin need to have.

However, if you look in ~ the coin indigenous the point of view of its diameter, the is in reality a 2-cent coin and also therefore you have the right to refer come it correctly with the state “2 rare cents of euro” or “2 wrong cents of euro”.

How do you recognize it? The diameter” If you discover a 1-cent coin v the biggest diameter that a common 1-cent coin, then the is a minting error. Over there are therefore various opportunities that it is simply the 2 rare cent that anyone would choose to find.

Value of rare 2-Cents Coin

The 2-cent FDC coin has actually a value ranging from 20 cents to 50 cents. Over there are likewise examples that space worth much more. Permit us offer a few examples:

The value of the 2 rarely Euro Cent Coins of the Vatican coined (67.000 pieces) in between 2002 and 2003 through FDC conservation status is as high together 110€ (55€ if BB).Not come forget the 2 cents of 2500€ that, as already mentioned, do this cut specifically interesting.

The Eurozone nations are abandoning the 1- and also 2-cent coins, i beg your pardon will result in a higher valuation together they may end up being rare over time.So prior to you get rid of these coins, think around it!

Now, if you have rare coins prefer these (but additionally different rarer coins), you deserve to have fun and earn part money by auctioning them online. We always buy and also sell coins at auction making use of this companion site. The is the largest online coin auction site and also we yes, really recommend it. Both selling and buying coins in ~ auction is easy and also exciting.

5-Cents – Rare Euro Cent Coins

The 5 euro cent coin has a worth of one twenty of a euro and also is do of steel extended with copper.It has actually a diameter of 21, 25 mm, weighs 3.92 grams and also has a thickness the 1.67 mm.The axes in this instance are additionally German style and the contour through horizontal thread.

As because that the 1 and 2 cents, likewise the 5 cents have actually a typical face and also the straight side the the coin through a different architecture depending top top the nation of the euozona.On the right, through Luc Luycx, over there is the value of the coin top top the left, while on the best there is a drawing of the earth crossed by 6 lines that join 12 stars.The design of the earth symbolises Europe in relationship to the world, while the 12 stars recall the european flag.

On the ago of the coin, in the mint of Rome, is engraved the Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre.Around it space 12 five-pointed stars representing the europe Union, in ~ the top right the monogram of the Italian Republic (RI), at the peak slightly come the left the mint sign and at the bottom the thousandth.

Under the base of the Colosseum, top top the right, the initials the the writer Ettore Lorenzo Flappicini (ELF).The 5 euro area cents have a different architecture but all have actually 12 stars, the engraver’s initials and also the year the issue.

Value the 5-cents Euro Coin

The least common 5 cents coin has a value varying from 1€ to 15€ Some other coins, however, are taken into consideration 5 cents of value and also quoted at about 40€.

5 cents of the nations Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain, minted in 2002 is worth 1 € (BU)The 5 cents of Malta 2008 v designed the holy place of Mnajdra, is precious 1 € (Fdc)5 cents of the Republic of mountain Marino, minted in 2003, is precious 10 € (BU) The rare Euro Cent Coins minted by the mint Rome, produced 2003, room worth 15 € (if SPL)The 5 cents Rare Euro Cent Coins of the Vatican Mint, produced in 2002, are worth 40 € (Fdc)

10-Cents –Rare Euro Cent Coins

The 10 cent euro coin is worth one tenth that a euro and consists of one alloy called Nordic gold.It has a diameter the 19.75 mm, weighs 4.10 grams and also has a thickness of 1.93 mm.All coins have a typical face top top the back and a details for each country on the right side.On the reverse, by Luc Luycx, is existing on the best the worth of the coin while on the left there is a drawing depicting the map of Europe overcome by 6 lines that join 12 stars.

The style recalls the unified of Europe when the 12 stars remind the europe flag.The edge is striped v thick knurling and also the axes space German style.

On the straight side, in the mint of Rome, the coin mirrors the “Birth the Venus” through Sandro Botticelli.Around it room 12 five-pointed stars representing the europe Union, at the optimal right the thousandth and the monogram of the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), ~ above the ideal of the neck that Venus the mint authorize (R).Between 2 stars, the initials the the author Claudia Momoni (CM).

Value of 10-cents Euro Coin

In the lack of minting errors or peculiarities the the specific 10 cent euro coins, the coin has a confront value the 10 cents.However, there room some details conditions that deserve to increase the value. An example is the 10 euro cents of Malta in 2008, i beg your pardon in FdC quality are worth 1€.

It is no an exciting coin therefore for the collectors or for the “seekers that treasures”. Or is it?

Value that 10-Cents Year 2002

The 10 cent coin through year of concern 2002, has a rather interesting value for coin collectors and also numismatists.

These are typically pieces with manufacturing errors. They selection from €236 because that a coin through an error in the year of concern (2002) since to review the day you have to rotate the coin 180°, approximately €288 because that a coin minted in 2002, Germany.

20-Cents –Rare Euro Cent Coins

The 20 cents euro coin is precious one 5th of one euro.It has actually a diameter of 22.25 mm, is 2.14 mm thick and weighs 5.74 grams.The edge is smooth with 7 recesses (Spanish flower) and is make of alloy called Nordic gold.As for every the other coins currently described, the ago has a typical face and also another that depends on the country of the euro zone.

In the case of the mint of Rome, it gift on that is straight confront “Forme Uniche di Continuità nello Spazio” (Unique develops of continually in Space), a 1913 occupational by the futurist sculptor Boccioni.Around 12 five-pointed stars representing the europe Union, ~ above the left the monogram that the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), top top the best the mint sign and the monogram the the writer Maria Angela Cassol (M.A.C.).

The coin dates earlier to 2002, when euro coins and also banknotes to be introduced into the euro area, v 12 member states.

Value that 20-cents Euro Coin

Let’s go uncover the value of 20 cents of Euro.

Under normal circumstances, 20-cent coins in circulation have a challenge value of 20 euro cents. Strange, isn’t it?If, ~ above the various other hand, they have special features, such as minting errors or steel redundancies, aRare Euro Cent Coins that this kind deserve to be worth from €3.25 to €55 in FDC. And that’s the an excellent news.Value that 20-Cents Year 1999

Another point for the sensational error that coinage the the 20 centesimi coin with the thousandth of coinage 1999 authorize in 2002:

The 1.179.335 coins, minted by mistake, were every withdrawn and also destroyed (…almost all of them).

The samples stolen from the Mint prior to the withdrawal, have no economic value because they space not marketable, or at the very least this is what the Italian authorities declare.

Moreover, whoever is discovered in possession the it deserve to be accused the receiving steal goods, and the money deserve to be confiscated immediately.

With these premises, you understand well the these coins space to speak the the very least “interesting” for amateurs and also Numismatics and also their “illegal trade” is much more than probable.

Obviously we do NOT know their (illegal) value.

So clock out and also if you have a couple of “special” cents, depend on a good numismatist for advice or keep it and also then questioning for information from experts.

50-Cents –Rare Euro Cent Coins

We talked about these coins in one more article the you can find on this page:rare 50 cents of Euro.

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Alice Costa ns am passionate around numismatics and also coins (especially the 2 euro commemorative coins and also the italian lire), i am always looking because that the most certain curiosities. I favor to introduce the beauty and also value the coins have the right to hide.