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Sadly, not all dolls room made equal. And also it’s only the rarest Cabbage patch Dolls that have any kind of real value:

The truth is, many dolls in an excellent complete condition will it is in worth around $20-$40. Yet, if you have something collectors covet, you can be looking in ~ a few hundred bucks.

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If you’re just setting out on her journey the collecting rare Cabbage Patch youngsters Dolls, the Iddy Budds Ranny have to top her list. This doll is #319 the end of #750 and has to be seen marketed for as high together $375 in perfect condition. Its most unique feature is that is hair.

Alternatively, if you have actually one and also you’re looking come sell, make certain you look for a collectors channel ~ above Reddit or Facebook before listing ~ above eBay to drum up interest.

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4. Little People Tilly Kay, $550


Okay, this tiny People Doll isn’t specifically a Cabbage job Doll – but they space the inspiration for the Cabbage patch Dolls, make them exceptionally collectible and most definitely vintage.

Introduced in 1979, in an original mint environment-friendly outfit with shoes and also socks. And even there is no the doll’s adoption papers, a Tilly crucial can be precious north of $550.

3. Ann Greta, $810


The shining red hair provides this doll one of the most popular and desirable amongst all Cabbage spot Doll collectors. If you can find one (or have one) through the pacifier it can be precious north that $810.

Another facet that increases value is having the doll’s birth certificate and also its adoption papers. It is i can not qualify to uncover one in a box, however the doll’s condition will eventually determine the value.

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2. Teresa Ann, $2,000


One of the rarest cabbage patch dolls is the 1985 Teresa Ann, a doll the was offered for a lining $2,000 ~ above eBay:

This doll has environment-friendly eyes, a dimple on its cheek, and a soft body in addition to a removable pink dress. All of which dram a vital role in help it reach together a high value.

It is one of the most an useful Cabbage job Dolls available, both vintage and rare.

1. Hand Signed 1979 Xavier Roberts small People Twins, $3,500

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The most an useful Cabbage patch Dolls come together a set of twins. And also if you’re the owner of these twins in good condition, they might be precious north of $3,500 today:

The critical time this hand-signed pair were offered it to be for $3,500 in June 2018.

These room The essential Things You should Know:

The original dolls to be called small People and also were hand make by Xavier Roberts, that signed your butts with marker. Therefore if you have actually a doll with a signed behind, it can be rare and also valuable. As little People popular grew, they started to be adopted rather than marketed via a doll hospital dubbed Babyland General. This is whereby the adoption and bear certificate paperwork became component of the package. A doll through all the paperwork is many coveted. In 1982 Coleco started making the dolls for global sale. These to be branded as the Cabbage patch Kids and came with vinyl heads. The vast majority of these dolls have far less value than some that come before.

So if her doll is handmade, totally soft, and also comes with small People paperwork, you may have something valuable. And also if that is hand-signed by Xavier Roberts, girlfriend may have actually something important coveted by collectors.