Many that the alligator hunters on Swamp People will certainly tell you that they love to live off the land. We’ve seen good sequences that begin with the Guist brothers sit on the porch emotion hungry, continue to follow them as they track down dinner in the swamp, and also end v them food preparation up what they’ve caught. The Edwards family’s slightly much more sophisticated variation of living off the land requires frying increase alligator or frogs or some other critter that Willie has pulled out of the river. Liz Cavalier has also given united state a tour of her freezer, i beg your pardon is full of what she’s taken from the land and plans for her family to live on.

But, if living turn off the land has buying gas for her boat and boots for your feet, not to cite a cabinet phone, then you need to take what you’ve pursued on the land and also sell the on the open market. Regardless exactly how much much more self-sufficient these Louisiana sportsmen room than many of the basic population, that is still 21st century America, and market prices still matter to castle . . . A lot.

Right prior to Swamp People premiered in 2010, the sector price for alligators was method down. Numerous of the members of the Swamp People cast, including Troy Landry, have actually mentioned over the years the they might not have actually been able to follow their family’s alligator hunting traditions if the present hadn’t come along when it did. The work-related is just too time consuming, expensive, and also dangerous to carry out it there is no a profit, also if the season only lasts a month.

The popular of Swamp People isn’t the only good news that concerned the swamp ~ the 2010 season, the prices for alligators began going ago up. And, based upon this year’s prices, it looks choose the market is still relocating in the best direction.

In ours Season 2 story ~ above alligator prices, us reported some rough market prices. At the time, a 7-9 ft wild gator went for $12-$15/foot and one the was 10+ feet carried $13/foot. This numbers were method down indigenous the greatest prices the sector hit in the late 80’s once a 10+ foot gator could sell because that $40/ft. No wonder the hunters were having actually to rethink your traditions.

By Season 3 of Swamp People, which was filmed during the 2011 alligator season, the prices had actually gone means up, and we report on them in a lot an ext detail. 7ft gators still lugged in $14/ft in ~ market, however 8 ft. Gators marketed for $22/ft, and also those end 9 feet went because that $26/ft.


This year, the news is also better. A baby, 4-6 ft. Alligator offered for $10/ft. That’s no life transforming money, but it is enough to store you in gas money and also bait while girlfriend track under a monster. 6-7 footers went for $15/ft and 7-8 footers carried $20/ft. So, an 8 foot gator in 2012 brought much more per foot than it walk in 2010 and about the exact same as 2011. 8-9 ft. Gators lugged in $23/ft this year, and also 9-10 footers marketed for $25. The large boost this year comes in the “monster gator” category. 10+ foot large gators marketed for $30/ft. That’s not quite up come the $40/ft of the height of the sector in the 1980’s, yet it is gaining there.

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Through those kind of prices, you know our Swamp People will certainly be even an ext motivated 보다 usual to discover epic gators to haul in.

Now, to see who was in reality able come haul in few of those $30/ft monsters, be certain to song in to the Swamp People Season 4 premiere this evening at 9/8c ~ above History! after that, episodes air every Thursday night at 9/8c. Oh, and also in case you missed it, the fourth Season that Swamp People will certainly be introducing fans to a slew of new gator hunters — you can fulfill each team in our profile posts:

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