Last year, ns went around a month eat a block of tofu every single day. It to be pretty enjoyable, actually, and it appeared to aid my toughness training. Yet I eventually chose to cut back. Why?

In this post, I’ll share the study that made me decision to border my tofu usage a bit. I’ll resolve issues v hormones, IGF-1 (and cancer risk), and more. I’ll end the write-up with a perform of various other high-protein vegan foodstuffs to consider including along through tofu!

How lot Tofu a day Is Safe?

Between 3 and 5 servings of soybean beans per work is thought to it is in safe and beneficial based upon current evidence. This equals around 9 to 15 oz of tofu per day (255g to 425g). Soy consumption above that lot may increase IGF-1 hormone levels, enhancing cancer risk.

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I’ll re-superstructure the actual research behind those “safe and also beneficial” numbers below. However first, let’s prize the concern of what this method for eat a block that tofu a day.

Converting the above serving sizes into “blocks” that tofu is a little tricky. Tofu blocks have the right to vary in size in between brands and in different parts of the world.

Personally, i live in the unified States, and most of the tofu blocks i see below are in between 12 oz and also 16 oz. So many of this tofu blocks contain 4 to 5.3 servings that soy.

This way eating a block the tofu daily may placed you near the optimal of the “safe and beneficial” range. But what does this really mean? What are the actual risks of eating too lot tofu?

The risks of Too much Tofu

Check out my blog write-up showing specifically where to uncover tofu in the grocery store store.

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How many Times a Week deserve to I Eat Tofu?

To minimize the hazard of elevated IGF-1 levels, limit her tofu usage to 3 to 5 servings every day. Eat tofu top top a everyday basis appears to it is in safe and also beneficial within those amounts.