I purchased a Kirby heritage II vacuum cleaner new in 1997. I wheeled and dealed until I got basic device and shampooer and zip brush for half of what the asking price to be for simply the simple machine.

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I have actually been using the heritage II native Kirby for the past 22 yrs and also wouldn’t trade it. Kirby does do a well built product. I like the cleaning performance of the device and constantly did. Gift in the experienced cleaning business I have access to many makes and also models and also none have adjusted my interest in Kirby.

My personal experience v the Kirby product started 40 yrs ago when ns was 3 (yes no joke). My grandmother had one she to buy in 1959, we offered that one till it needed some young repairs.

At which time she purchase the standard Omega model in 1971. We space still using that vacuum 9 yrs ~ Grandma passed away. Her sister in law had one she purchase in 1957 and used till 1989 once she happen away. Her’s was used at the apartment facility she live in and her daughters home weekly.

Folks, you should remember you room buying a well built machine. The makers we have in our family have seen it all. From remodeling clean up to day-to-day cleaning. Sand, dust, gravel, dog /cat hair and the sometimes erector collection or tinkder toy component and just around anything eles you might imagine walk thru it.

Yes you will certainly pay an ext than in ~ the neighborhood department store. Yet how long will you have that all plastic machine? it does take it a small learing how to collection it up for the jobs you want to do however in the end it is worth it.

And correct at times a little heavy but there are tricks to end come the for many of us. To buy one is choose buying a automobile you need to be a wheeler dealer.

I have additionally used the newer models v the drive tech and also wasn’t disapointed. The is nice, I but like the classic design of mine Kirby heritage II and also plan on keeping it for an additional 22 years or more.

I also like the rebuild plan; it is worth it. I have sent in two makers from 1971 and both came earlier looking like new and operated great.

Yes, I’m passionate about my Kirby but from what you’ve read over you can see why. No I’m not a sales guy of Kirby’s (Don’t desire to resolve folks that have already decided it’s also ????? I’ve heard every forgive in the book.)

Besides males like toys that space well developed that you deserve to take it apart and also put the together and also see if you have the right to make it work.


Kirby heritage II: This is a beast that a vacuum cleaner. Very solid suction. An extremely HEAVY construction. Actors aluminum, and steel. These room vacuums native the industrial Age. The Kirby legacy II is a vacuum a man can show to the other guys and defend together a legitimate “power tool”. It’s the same design vac Darth Vader’s minions usage to clean the carpets ~ above the death Star.

Kirbys have the right to be had cheap in ~ thrift stores and yard sales. Unlike contemporary plastic snap-together vacuums that space thrown out once something attract out, Kirbys space designed to be repaired when they break. Components are readily accessible online and fixing lock is a cinch.

My Kirby heritage II is native the late 1980s. Mine brother has used a an extremely old model (late 1930, i think) for the critical 20 years. Both occupational great. Ns stumbled upon a tradition model (~1980) now at a thrift save for $8. However, no equipment were included.

I payment $20 because that the heritage II 10 years earlier with a rug shampooer, upholstery sprayer, hose, handle and also a scary-dangerous thing called a turbo-brush, i m sorry makes quick work of cat hair top top carpet however would take a 3-year old’s finger off at the knuckle.

Synopsis. An excellent vacuums. Manly. The kind of vac a black color tee shirt-wearing Harley rider can use there is no feeling like a sissy. If you room willing to deal with it when it breaks, it will most likely outlive you. 5 stars.

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Kirby Heritage: execute NOT buy this vacuum. The Kirby heritage is the size of a boat anchor and the bags are an extremely very expensive. It likewise honks dust when I try to clean through it. The worst component is, the salesman to be rude and also used pressure tactics. Five yea, they every just take place to it is in trying to success something at their office. What a load of crap.

I took this item of junk come the trash and went out and also bought one of those rainbow units. Now this is a great vacuum. It gets rid that dust and dirt and there is no bags come buy at all. Every the dust goes into a pail of water the you simply flush down the can.