ns am in search of an engagement ring because that my fiancee. I offered her my good grandmother"s ring come use until we gained her she own. She loves the diamond in my an excellent grandmother"s ring so we arrangement to use that stone. Just one problem, she is allergic to gold and platinum is the end of the price range. We looked come palladium, and she discovered a designer ring layout that she yes, really liked. I dubbed the store up and also inquired about pricing and also was told that the price because that palladium is practically exactly the exact same as gold! The value of yellow is nearly three times the price, so I view red flags when the prices space that close. Ns was told that this is due to a significantly longer manufacturing time. Is this true and should the price be virtually the very same as gold? say thanks to you!

Hi James,In many instances, palladium rings are priced much reduced than gold or platinum rings. The reduced price has to do with the thickness differences between palladium, gold and platinum together opposed to current market prices of these valuable metals.Discover Exquisite Diamond Palladium rings by Gemvara!
Palladium metal has really light density, specifically when contrasted to gold and also platinum. Here is a comparison of the densities between palladium, gold and platinum:Platinum - 21.45Gold - 19.30Palladium - 12.02As you deserve to see, palladium has actually almost half the thickness of platinum and also is an ext than 1/3 less the thickness of gold. Palladium wedding rings feel lot lighter, nearly airy, when contrasted to gold and especially platinum wedding rings. Because palladium has such a low density, a palladium ring that is the exact same size as a gold ring will certainly weigh a lot much less - much less metal is supplied to do the ring even though the is the precise same size, and so the ring expenses less.In terms of workability, that does no take much longer to develop a palladium ring - however palladium does require extra skill and expertise to job-related with as result of its distinct reactions to temperature. Palladium can be a an overwhelming metal come cast, and can discolor (although this discoloration is straightforward to remove), however many jewelers who specialize in palladium jewel pieces an especially enjoy working with palladium as result of its impressive malleability. Ns priced platinum, 18K gold and also palladium wedding bands of the exact same style and also size with among my favorite designers, and also here are the results:Platinum band: $2,56418K gold band: $1,708Palladium band: $834The palladium band is about half the price of the yellow band! You need to see comparable results across the board when comparing gold, platinum and palladium bands through other retailers/designers. The only reason I can think of as to why the designer girlfriend contacted might be charging a higher price for palladium ring is since they may have to outsource the work-related to a jeweler who specializes in palladium rings. Palladium jewelry requirements to it is in crafted in a particular environment to prevent nitrogen absorb of the metal - and so if this retailer walk not usually craft palladium rings, or is not collection up to craft them, the work may need to be outsourced and may cost them more and take much longer to make due to the fact that of outsourcing issues. Bottom Line: you must not be payment the very same price for a palladium wedding band together you would a gold wedding band of the same style and size.My referral is to uncover a local jeweler who is competent with creating palladium rings.

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Hand crafted rings room usually very affordable (especially when contrasted to rings marketed through major designers or retailers), and you and also your fiancee can work v the jeweler to discover a architecture that she yes, really loves and also that will job-related with the stone in your grandmother"s ring. Ns wish friend the ideal of luck - congratulations on her engagement and do write earlier if you have actually any added questions!Suzanne GardnerEverything Wedding ring