Both cocaine and also crack come indigenous the coca plant and also are offered in rock and also powder form. The powder kind of the substance is commonly referred to as cocaine or coke. The rock kind is often referred to together crack or crack cocaine. The main difference in between crack and also cocaine is in its form, and how it is used.

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Cocaine is essentially a hydrochloride salt that a user grinds down right into powdered form. Crack is a mix of flour cocaine and baking soda. A user boils the mixture till it hardens into a absent form. The user then division the rock right into smaller pieces, i beg your pardon they have the right to sell like crack.

What is the Difference in between Crack and also Cocaine?

The difference between crack and cocaine have the right to be watched in several different areas, together as:

Consumption Method

One key difference in between crack vs. Cocaine is in the intake method. The typical method for utilizing crack is inhaling the smoke with a pipe. There space two methods to ingest cocaine. The first way is come snort it v the nose. The second method to usage cocaine is come inject it into the bloodstream via a syringe. 

Effects & Duration

One of the reasons why human being prefer come smoke cracked is due to the fact that they feel the effects instantly, typically within a couple of seconds. However, the results only last 5 to ten minutes. The takes 3 to 5 minutes to feel the impacts when snorting cocaine. The effects can last as much as 30 minutes. Injecting cocaine produces the desired effect within 30 minutes. The effects can last up to 60 minutes.


The price of crack is typically $10 come $25 because that 1/10 gram or $40 because that 1/4 gram. A 1/10 gram is referred to as a rock. The price of cocaine is $120 to $150 for 1/8 ounce or 3.5 grams. A 1/8 oz of cocaine is described as an 8-ball. Cocaine, in its purest form, is far an ext expensive 보다 crack. 

Cutting Agents

Like other drugs, the difference in between crack and cocaine can also be watched in the form of adulterants or substitutes the a developer adds to the substance. Some of the most common cutting agents include Ritalin, glucose, ephedrine, sucrose, tetracaine, lactose, talc, and also boric acid. They improve the euphoric effect of the drug. 

How Crack and Cocaine room Alike

With all the differences between crack and cocaine, over there are additionally some similarities. Both drugs produce side effects, together as intense cravings, euphoria, raised heart rate, heightened alertness, decreased appetite, and dilated pupils. Furthermore, when comparing crack vs. Cocaine, one overdose have the right to lead come seizures, convulsions, coma, and death.

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Withdrawal symptom may encompass suicidal thoughts, agitation, muscle pain, cravings, fatigue, depression, nausea, and anxiety. If friend or someone rather experiences the side impacts of these substances, seek clinical attention immediately. In addition, you might want to gain professional aid from a cocaine addiction treatment facility in Utah. 

Recovery ways Offers treatment for Cocaine Addiction

What is the difference between crack and also cocaine? find out much more at recovery Ways. We administer a substantial cocaine seeks treatment routine in UT. To uncover out more, call us in ~ 888.986.7848.

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