Franklin Stoves

The Franklin stove, or "Pennsylvania stove," was developed by none other than Benjamin Franklin in the 1742. It is usually a freestanding fireplace that enabled an exchange of cold and warm air, if venting smoke indigenous the fire out of the room. In the late 1770s, Darren Rittenhouse added an "L-shaped" chimney that fixed a smoke problem to the design. Plenty of manufacturers and also artisans developed it, from Rumford to Rittenhouse to Wilson. In 2016, among these Franklin formats went because that $150 on eBay.

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pillar Stoves

This format of oven was used for heating, yet it also often had a single cook lid under the centerpiece on the surface of the stove. It had actually decorative columns, breeze control, and other attributes that made it unique. The tower stove began showing up about 1830. Johnson, Geer & Cox to be a famed manufacturer and also for revenue listings at rarely Antique Stoves are in the $2000 come $4000 range; eco-friendly Island oven Works was another brand that marketed this sort of stove.


Potbelly Stoves

once most civilization think of antique cast iron stoves, lock think that the old potbelly stove, i m sorry were also popular throughout the victor era, although these antique and also vintage stoves space usually only worth a lot of money if lock have fancy design aspects to them and also still work. Potbelly stoves have been the focal allude of thousands of nostalgic scenes, even if it is in advertising, artwork, or literature. A small, early J.C. Penny brand potbelly stove and teapot collection sold in ~ LiveAuctioneers because that $125 in 2019 if a rusted Syracuse oven Works brand one from 1889 sold on eBay in 2020 for simply under $180.

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Step-Top Stoves

In these stoves, which mostly overcame the sector from the 1820s come the 1860s, the range part of the stove was listed below the oven, giving the stove its namesake look. Manufacturers contained J. Woodruff and Sons, Chattanooga cooktop Company, and Coldwater Oil stove Company. An 1878 Elevator step-stove marketed in 2011 for just under $200 top top eBay according to gaianation.net Navigator.