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Why sell Your john F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and also Ted Kennedy Memorabilia to Us?

We have actually been collecting and also selling Kennedy family political & presidential memorabilia for over 40 years. We space a family owned business and also we are fortunate to have actually a enthusiasm for collecting and a really successful busines because that so numerous years. That"s a many happy customers. But the most important component is that so we are pleased come now speak to so countless friends.

What type of items carry out we buy?

Just about everything concerned John F. Kennedy and also the Kennedy family. This includes, programs, paper items, souvenirs, tickets, campaign brochures, buttons, posters, hats, convention souvenirs, photos, medals and also much lot more. We also buy items from Presidents Washington to Obama and also everything in between.We additionally buy entire collections or separation, personal, instance items

How does the procedure work?

Typically, people either email or fax united state photos the the item(s) or simply mail it to us. Be certain to use a shipping method that gives you a tracking number or insure the package if you mail it. We then send girlfriend an offer. If there space items that are not something us are searching for we will always give friend an ethical opinion of value (free of charge) and also let you recognize what us think that worth and give friend a list of civilization that us think could be interested.


We pay you in ~ 24 hours after we have an agreement on price. We can either pay you immediately via paypal or send girlfriend a check, whichever friend prefer.

Do we constantly offer girlfriend the best price?

We constantly offer friend a same price and our customers report that our uses are normally the finest ones. However beware of anyone who claims they always offer the ideal price. Exactly how would lock know? once you"re selling your special items and also family heirlooms you want to be sure you are taking care of someone you deserve to trust. Us are likewise proud members that the American political Items Collectors organization (APIC).

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How to gain started

You deserve to either:

Email us photos the the items in ~ appraisals

Then simply let us understand if friend would prefer to be payment by paypal or by check!

Got a question? No problem. When selling a collection or once you just want to know what an items is worth, it can be a confusing process - just ask - we"re happy come help!


Lori & Steve

Read what others say about our to buy process:

:Hi Lori,

I obtained your check today. Say thanks to you very much. My first successful internet sale. Ns really evaluate your patience through me and my nervous mindset due to a previous experience that had actually nothing to perform with you.You certainly followed v with whatever you promised and also it truly was a pleasure doing company with you.

Honest, fair and you come across as genuinely quite people. Thanks again"



" ns was a little nervous about shipping that off prior to receiving payment. However, you males were very nice, and everything go smoothly. Ns would execute it again if I had anything come sell."

Brian A. Virginia


"The very first time ns talked v Lori, ns felt an extremely comfortable working through her and Steve and a smaller firm where you know the owners. Give thanks to you, and also I need to say that is really nice law "business" through you and also it seems to be ~ to be so fair and also honest; just great people. Thanks, again..."