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Legendary Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz is just one of the best baseball players of his era, having overcame in MLB for an astounding 21 seasons. After an ext than two decades toeing the rubber, Smoltz retirement in 2009 in ~ the age of 42.

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Smoltz has stayed around baseball due to the fact that retiring, however. The 54-year-old functions as an MLB analyst and sportscaster because that Fox Sports and also the MLB Network. Considering his an extensive career and his time together a broadcaster, you’d be ideal to assume that “Smoltzie” has actually amassed himself a large fortune.

So, just just how rich is john Smoltz?

John Smoltz’ MLB Career

John Andrew Smoltz’s birthplace is Warren, Michigan. The American baseball pitcher prospered up in Lansing, whereby he to visit Waverly High School. Smoltz was drafted by the Detroit many tigers in the 22nd round of the 1985 MLB Draft, starting the youngster ~ above his course to coming to be a skilled baseball player straight out of high school.

Smoltz to be traded in 1987. The many tigers shipped turn off the Double-A pitcher come the Braves in exchange for Doyle Alexander. Something tells me lock wound increase regretting that move.

In 1989, Smoltzie’s an initial full season in major League Baseball, the then-22-year-old recorded a 2.94 ERA and also made his very first career All-Star Game.

For the following 11 seasons, Smoltz would rack up three more All-Star appearances. His finest season come in 1996 as soon as he winner a league-best 24 games and recorded a 2.94 ERA and 276 strikeouts. The year, Smoltz winner the National league Cy Young Award and was also in the top 15 in MVP voting. The three-headed monster that Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux ended up being notorious about the league.

Smoltz regulated to play in 5 World collection throughout his career but won just one the them. He reached the mountaintop in 1996 when the Braves beat the Cincinnati Reds in the National organization Championship collection and followed it up v a World collection win over the Cleveland Indians.


In 2000, Smoltz to let go the whole season after undergoing Tommy man Surgery. He reverted in 2001 however was used in relief, acting as the Braves closer in 2001.

It was a bold move that paid off, and Smoltz finished up coming to be the 2nd player in MLB history to accomplish both a 20-win season and also a 50-save season. Only Dennis Eckersley had completed the feat before Smoltz. Additionally, Smoltz is the only player in significant league background with more than 200 wins and 150 saves.

After a few seasons as an MLB All-Star caliber reliever, Smoltz retook his starting role and returned to being a beginning pitcher in 2005. The made two more All-Star gamings in 2005 and 2007 before finally leave Atlanta after 21 seasons in 2008.

He signed through the Boston Red Sox and also finished his career v the St. Louis Cardinals in 2009 before announcing his retirement.

Smoltz to be inducted right into the Baseball room of Fame in 2015, start Cooperstown in a class alongside other Hall the Famers Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and Craig Biggio.

According to Spotrac, that earned more 보다 $135 million in MLB contracts throughout his career.

John Smoltz’s an individual Life

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John Smoltz married his first wife, Dyan Struble, in the at an early stage 1990s. The pair were with each other for 16 years and had four kids together: Kelly Christina, Carly Maria, Rachel Elizabeth, and son john Andrew Smoltz Jr. Smoltz and Struble divorced in 2007.

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In 2009, Smoltz married his wife Kathryn Darden at a little ceremony in Georgia. The pair remains together to this day.

In his spare time, you can most likely uncover Smoltzie on the links. One avid golfer, Smoltz’s close friend Tiger Woods once dubbed him “the ideal golfer exterior the PGA.”