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English ukulele banjo, by man Grey & Sons, design George Formby, serial no. E- 1134, circa 1950, George Formby plaque inlaid in mother-of-pearl to the headstock, 58 cm long


English ukulele banjo, by john Grey & Sons, version Dulcetta, serial no. 6539, circa 1930, model and serial number impression marks to the front and ago of the headstock, 56 cm lengthy


English six string banjo, circa 1900s, open back, with 38 brackets, the headstock plated in nickel, and mother-of-pearl inlay to the fingerboard, 92 cm long

English mandolin banjo, by Windsor, design 3, circa 1920, the engraved tailpiece bearing "94 Newhall St B"Ham/ Eng/ Windsor", 60 cm long

English mandolin banjo, by cuckoo, circa 1900s, of common form, "Cuckoo" imprinted on the headstock, 55 cm lengthy

American fretless 7 string banjo, second half 19th century, of typical architecture with snakehead shame headstock and open back, 86 cm lengthy

American Orpheum tenor banjo, by Rettberg & Lange, no. 3 unique model, brand-new York, circa 1915, the fingerboard intricately inlaid v abalone shell together with the gaianation.netpany logo design to the headstock, with an open up back, the label to inner of rim, 78 cm lengthy

American banjo, by Samuel. S. Stewart, the college student model, grade 2, Philadelphia, circa 1900, open ago with the factory mark impressed to verso, 82 cm long

American Orpheum mandolin banjo, through Rettberg & Lange, no. 3 one-of-a-kind model, serial number 8382, new York, circa 1920s, complex abalone shell inlay come fingerboard and headstock which also bears the gaianation.netpany logo. Serial number impression to verso, 60 cm lengthy

Australian zither banjo, by boomerang, at an early stage 20th century, impressed manufacturing facility mark come headstock, mother-of-pearl inlay to finger board, 93 cm long

English zither banjo, through Windsor, famous model no. 5, circa 1920, maker and model number impressed to the head stock, the fingerboard inlaid with mother-of-pearl. To the heal a metal plaque bearing "The new Windsor/ patent zither Banjo/ A.O…

English zither banjo, by william Temlett, London, circa 1920, the headstock elegantly shaped, stamped come verso "W. Temlett Maker/ London", 89 cm lengthy

English zither banjo, by Windsor, no. 44, Birmingham, circa 1920, 5 strings, 12 brackets, the headstock decorated with engraved stainless stole plating, 91 cm lengthy

English zither banjo, by Windsor, design no. 2, Birmingham, circa 1907, design number and also date impression to the top of the headstock, verso is one engraved plaque bearing "Robert E Dorman"…

English zither banjo, by Windsor, Artiste model, Birmingham, circa 1900, the brass impressed plate on the hoe reads "The new Windsor patent zither banjo A.O. Windsor, 94 Newhall St. Birmingham, England", 95 cm lengthy

American ukulele banjo, by Gibson, Ub-1 model, Michigan, circa 1920s, "The Gibson" decal come headstock, 49 cm long

A c.1920s George house & sons "Model 3000" small banjo mandolin, eight stole strings, original bridge, fittings and case. Size 56.5 cm, diameter of body 20 cm.

Caraya 5 cable banjo through Remo head made out of mahogany, the banjo is a plectrum-style instrument and has a closed-back design and and the mahogany body is gaianation.netplemented by a maple neck and a herbal gloss finish. Model no. BJ005, length 101 cm

A c.1920-30s Slingerlands Nite eagle four-string banjo, v inlaid details to sides and back. Provenance: formerly owned by George Graham, a skilled musician that played in the Auckland area 1930"s. With case.

A banjo mandolin, unknown maker, circa 1940s, calfskin head, floating bridge, rosewood fingerboard, nickel hardware, eight buttoned maker heads, hardwood neck and also rim, acquired on 12 October 1981…

Gibson long necked banjo, purchased in Syndey in 1962 from an American breeze dodger, in original hard case. Provenance: The Alex & Annette Hood Collection, NSW

An Italian mandolin through label "Giov. De Meglio & F. Glio" date 1916, in initial leather case. Keep in mind that instruments made during the battle by this renowned machine are rare. Plus an 8 wire banjo mandolin, early on 20th century

Banjo mandolin with unusual cream color & ebony fretboard & head, back decorated through timber specimens. In original case, early on 20th century.

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A Windsor Premium No. 3 banjo with hardwood neck and also nickel plated body, leatherette case. Length 92.5 cm

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