since the display ended, Paul Teutul Sr confronted some legit troubles and filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Many wonder simply what his network worth looks like today.

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after ~ twelve years, the Teutuls got earlier together for a unique airing ~ above Discovery, Paul Teutul Sr. Teamed up with Paul Teutul Jr. To build an additional motorcycle. Referred to as “American Chopper: The last Ride,” the special brings the father and son ago together after their infamous conflict in 2008 when Paul Sr. Fired Paul Jr. Indigenous Orange ar Choppers.

The daily Voice reports that as soon as “American Chopper” originally aired, the display averaged 3 million viewers in the heyday. Since the present ended, Paul Teutul Sr. Confronted some legal troubles and filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Plenty of wonder simply what Paul Teutul Sr.’s network worth looks favor today.

Here’s Paul Teutul Sr.’s net worth in 2021 and the significant goings-on keep going in his life.

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Lawsuits and also Bankruptcy

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even when Paul Sr. Isn’t in the shop building choppers, he still it s okay plenty of the limelight. Few of that attention, however, is because of his legit troubles. In February 2020, in a report by web page Six, court ordered Paul Sr. To salary a photographer $258,484.45. It’s not his very first lawsuit either. The same resource notes that a former business partner sued Paul Sr. In 2017.

In 2018, Paul Sr. Filed for bankruptcy. Plus, page Six reports that did therefore a mere days before the American Chopper reboot aired top top TV. There have absolutely been ups and downs because that the founder of Orange county Choppers, yet through that all, the shop manages to remain afloat. Without a doubt, the tradition motorcycle shop has yielded some of the sickest choppers ever.

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Paul Teutul Sr. Orange ar Choppers via Wikimedia Commons
At the moment Paul Sr. Filed because that bankruptcy, according to Celebrity network Worth, he asserted assets amounting come $1,801,729 and debts of $1,070,893.44. He likewise declared a monthly salary at the time of about $15,000 every month and also estimated his monthly safety to approximately $12,600. As result of this bankruptcy, an elderly had to market his brand-new York mansion come cover the costs, as well as a pair of boats, an ATV, a bulldozer, and also a man Deere tractor.

when taking right into account these details together with the February 2020 lawsuit, Celebrity network Worth approximates Paul Teutul Sr.’s net worth to land what in the kingdom of $500,000 in 2021. Since filing for bankruptcy, Paul Sr. Has moved to Florida, where he’s been functioning on a task with new business partner Keith Overton.