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It is the old efficiency paradox- as prices drop for big screen TVs, civilization don"t save money on the smaller, much more efficient units yet go for the greatest one they can afford. Follow to the wall surface Street Journal, a 42-inch plasma collection can consume an ext electricity 보다 a full-size frozen fridge -- even when that TV is supplied only a few hours a day. Powering a an intricate TV and full-on entertainment system -- v set-top boxes, video game consoles, speakers, DVDs, and digital video clip recorders -- can include nearly $200 come a family"s annual energy bill.

electrical power Use By type

When we gather about the old Admiral CRT TV it most likely sucks 100 watt of electricity and also doesn't have any kind of standby phantom loads. Yet the WSJ notes that A 42-inch LCD set, a typical upgrade item, requires around twice that amount the electricity. But the actual beast is the plasma set. A 42-inch model frequently sucks up 200 come 500 watts, and also a 60-plus-inch plasma display screen can consume 500 come 600 watts, depending upon the model and also programming, follow to the environmental Protection Agency.

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reduced Up prior Price leads To higher Utility bills

"What scares us is the prices because that plasma sets room dropping so quick that world are saying, why gain a 42-inch plasma set when girlfriend can gain a 60-inch or 64-inch one," says Tom Reddoch, director of energy effectiveness for the nonprofit electrical Power research study Institute's activities in Knoxville, Tenn., an independent organization that advises the utility sector. "They have no idea exactly how much electrical energy these points consume."

boosted Disclosure plan

Doug Johnson, an elderly director of modern technology policy because that the customer Electronics Association, says the sector is working to enhance disclosure and energy efficiency. He claims comparing television power use to refrigerator power use is "hackneyed," adding, "when was the last time the family members gathered approximately the frozen refrigerator to it is in entertained." Conclusion: acquire a smaller, LCD screen and size it appropriately for your room.