When you carry a new German Shepherd puppy residence for the very first time, exactly how do friend prepare? 

Knowing how much to feeding a German Shepherd puppy is not precise science.

However, various models support feeding your German Shepherd pup around 2 cups of dog food daily at the period of two to 3 months. 

Once her pup access time 16 weeks, food input jumps to roughly four cup a day spread over two to 4 meals. Your puppy’s metabolism will certainly mature and slow to adult levels about nine months of age. 

At this time, you’ll start feeding it 5 to 6 cups of food per day or around 1300 calories because that a 60-pound dog.

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We resolve three methods to determine just how much to feeding a German Shepherd puppy. We additionally cover why pertains to other than simple nutrition are necessary for farming puppies.

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1 Why perform You Feed her German Shepherd Puppy?
1.1 How fast do German Shepherds grow?
1.2 exactly how does diet influence the wellness of growing Shepherds?
1.2.1 Orthopedic problems
2 just how Should you Feed your German Shepherd Puppy?
2.1 There are two means to determine how to feed your puppy
2.1.1 Assessing Body problem
2.1.2 Volume
2.1.3 calorie
3 The ‘When’: How frequently Should friend Feed your German Shepherd?
3.1 restroom Schedule
3.2 GDV
3.3 ours YouTube video clip On Feeding German Shepherd Puppies
4 Conclusion
4.1 Eight weeks
4.2 4 Months
4.3 Recommended reading



The easiest means to determine how much food to offer your Shepherd pup is to figure out how many cups they need in a day and also divide that by the number of feedings. 

You can adjust volume based upon how your puppy’s body condition fluctuates indigenous one week come the next.

German Shepherds eat about four cup of food everyday from 16 main of age to nine months or a year regardless of weight.

The volume accounts for the reasonably high caloric requirements of the young cultivation animal.

Once her dog reaches ripe months of age, you will do it rely more on the load and activity level of her pet. German Shepherds end a year old may need as much as five to eight cups of dog food.

Other references, however, usage weight fairly than age. Pups eat one cup that food day-to-day per 15 come 20 pounds.

Dogs over 100 pounds receive 5 cups that kibble add to an additional fifty percent a cup because that every extra 20 pounds. 

Like all models, more active dogs should eat much more food – do adjustments increase or down based on body scoring.


Calculating your puppy’s caloric demands is the many accurate method to determine how much to feeding it. You have the right to estimate the volume come feed her German Shepherd pup when you uncover the conversion rate.

Dry dog food bags and wet food can be ~ usually have the kilocalorie equivalence of each cup the the product.

If girlfriend feed your dog a life or homemade diet, you’ll have to figure out the caloric content of every ingredient girlfriend use.

To identify the ideal caloric variety of needs for her puppy, it’s useful to recognize the guess adult weight.

The variety of calories friend feed your Shepherd depends on how close to the adult weight they are.

Shortly after ~ weaning: 11 to 17 pounds (0 to 20% the adult weight) >>10 calories per 10 lbs human body weight4 come 5 month old (40 come 50% that adult weight) >> 50 come 100 calories per 10 lbs human body weight6 or 7 month old (50 to 60% of adult weight) >> 40 come 50 calories per 10 lbs body weight7 come 9 month old (60 to 80% that adult weight) >> 30 come 40 calories per 10 lbs human body weightover 9 month old >>20 come 25 calories every 10 lbs body weight

Caloric requirements, again, vary depending on the individual, and also you still should be aware of her puppy’s an altering body condition.

The ‘When’: How regularly Should friend Feed your German Shepherd?

If you have the added difficulty of acquiring your Shepherd pup once they’re under 6 weeks of age, it may be worth preparing a mash of kibbles that can be provided every couple of hours.

Once her puppy reaches six weeks old, you might still need to feed the a mash however can to decrease meals to four per day.

German Shepherd puppies in between the eras of 12 and also 16 weeks have the right to eat 3 to 4 times daily, while many dogs over four months of period decrease to a frequency of 2 to 3 times daily.

Although countless owners are eager come decrease your pup’s mealtimes to one or 2 times day-to-day for convenience, there space a pair of vital reasons not to carry out this.

Bathroom Schedule

It’ll need a couple of months to totally housetrain her puppy. Young puppies need to ‘go to the potty’ nice frequently.

Centering a couple of potty breaks about meals the stimulate their intestinal tracts helps build consistent habits.


Your German Shepherd puppy will start to construct a deeper chest combined with significant size by four to six months that age.

Both physical features put your puppy at additional risk of gastric dilatation and volvulus compared to smaller breeds.

Four months is the period at which many pups will see a significant increase in their meal sizes. Studies have linked huge meals v GDV, or bloat, life-threatening distension, and rotation of the stomach.

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Increasing the number of feedings greatly reduces the incidence the GDV. We recommend at least two meals a job for her dog, even as your Shepherd approaches adulthood.