Trazodone is one antidepressant supplied to act depression and sleep disorders. Instances of fatalities space rare with trazodone overdose, however an overdose is feasible and should be very closely monitored.

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There is no conclusive info on the lot of trazodone the takes to fatally overdose.

One fatality has developed after a woman ingested 25.4 micrograms/mL.

A normal dose the trazodone is 50 come 100 mg, however the dose deserve to be together high together 600 mg per day for hospitalized patients.

It would certainly take upwards the 600 mg in a 24-hour duration to overdose. However, overdose can additionally happen when trazodone is taken in combination with various other substances.

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How Trazodone drug Abuse leads To Overdose

Trazodone is a medication offered to law depression. It’s also commonly offered as a sleeping aid.

The antidepressant is equivalent to the drug course selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which ease the symptoms of depression.

Trazodone functions by inhibiting serotonin transporters and receptors. It blocks the capacity of serotonin to be reabsorbed once it’s gone into the central nervous system.

This method a greater level that serotonin is left in the system, boosting mood, appetite, power levels, and also relieving symptoms of anxiety and also insomnia.

When a human being regularly abuses trazodone because of a drug addiction, lock may have actually high levels of the drug in their system all the moment or every at once, i m sorry can result in an overdose.

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How usual Is Trazodone Overdose?

Trazodone overdose is fairly uncommon. It would take a large amount of trazodone come prove fatal, and there have actually been few deaths native trazodone overdose.

Most instances of trazodone overdose involve instances of self-harm or suicide, quite than an inadvertently overdose.

Overall, studies have discovered that as soon as taken alone trazodone is short in toxicity and also overdose is unlikely.

Signs that Trazodone Overdose

A trazodone overdose might reveal itself v a range of mild to life-threatening symptoms.

A couple of of this include:

chest paindifficulty breathinglow blood pressureslowed heartbeatdizzinesssleepinessheadachetremor

Call 911 or poison control immediately if you or someone you understand is showing any signs of trazodone overdose.

Do no make the human being throw up uneven directed to do so by a medical skilled or poison control.

Finding treatment For Trazodone Addiction

If girlfriend or a loved one are handling substance abuse, you don’t need to go v it alone.

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