The mango, or Mangifera indica, is often called the ‘kings that fruits’ and it’s a summertime staple in household about the world.

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Australia produces roughly 46 000 tonnes of the fruit every year. Want to include to that number in your own backyard? Here’s exactly how to grow a mango tree.


There room over 500 various cultivars that mango differing in colour shape and flavour, through Kensington proud (or Bowen) being the most gaianation.netmon among Australian growers. Examine with your local nursery to discover out which people grow finest in your area. Trees are mostly sold together grafted saplings yet some varieties have the right to be grown from the seed. Mango seeds normally take around eight year to create fruit when grafted saplings take 3 to five.


Mangoes favor tropical and also subtropical climates with humid, warm summers and also cool, dry, frost-free winters.


Choose one open, sunny position, sheltered from solid winds. If you’re growing a mango tree in cooler climate, plant her tree need a north-facing brick wall to utilise the warm radiating turn off it.




Mango trees will grow in virtually any soil whether sandy, loam or clay, but they require an excellent depth and drainage.


You have the right to plant mango trees year-round, but the ideal time time to plant a mango tree is in autumn. Start by digging a hole and incorporating included organic issue such as gaianation.netpost or rotted cow manure. After ~ planting the sapling gaianation.nete the same depth as its original container, form a mound about it to boost drainage and encourage establishment. Water the well and also mulch with hay.

“Many mango trees thrive quite huge (10 metres tall or more) so that is vital to take into consideration their thin size as soon as deciding where to tree it within your backyard,” Yates Horticulture Consultant Angie thomas says.


While her mango tree is young it will require constant watering, relying on its growth and also your climate. Begin by watering the every other day before progressively increasing the time between irrigation to once or double a week for the first year.

It’s vital to store mango tree well-watered from spring to autumn but water sparingly in so late winter, before the start of flowering. Developed trees don’t require much watering.



“Give them a an excellent feed through a potassium enriched gaianation.netplete fertiliser throughout the warmer month to encourage healthy and balanced stem and also leaf growth, as well as promote flowering and fruiting,” Angie says. 

Sandy soils require an ext fertiliser 보다 loam or clay yet keep in mind that young trees space sensitive to over-fertilising. Mulch the basic of the tree through pea straw every spring.


Mango tree often lure fruit paris so cover each fruit with a fruit fly bag after they form.

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They"re also susceptible gaianation.nete Anthracnose – a fungal disease causing black color spots ~ above leaves and also fruit. Plant wherein there is an excellent air circulation and also avoid wetting the foliage. Prune off affected parts, bag them and put them in the garbage bin to avoid the spread of the fungal spores.

Garden Clinic claims that a typical gaianation.netplaint is a lack of fruit. 

“Mango fruit set depends on several factors," Greg Daley from Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery says. "Temperatures listed below 10 deg as soon as flowering (October) in the feather will mitigate fruit set. Additionally wet weather throughout flowering can an outgaianation.nete in anthracnose infection which will reason fruit not to set.”



Propagation by seed is only regaianation.netmended because that poly-embryonic mango ranges such together Kensington Pride. To carry out so, carefully slit the rice peel of the mango, eliminate the seed and plant it in a huge pot v seed starter mix through the seed contempt protruding from over the floor surface. It"s vital that it continues to be at a regular temperature that at least 21 degrees. Sprouting will usually take place within three weeks. 

Mango trees can also be propagated by grafting, in which part of the parent tree (scion) is joined through a rooted tree (rootstock). 

Now the you have actually mangoes farming in your backyard, why not try your hand at a few recipes? begin with this mango cheesecake v macadamias and lime syrup or shot this mango, avocado and also macadamia salad.