Are you just around to feed her guinea pig carrots, but then thought deserve to guinea pigs eat carrots?

Yes, guinea pigs have the right to safely eat carrots, with plenty of benefits such together fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B. Yet feed that in moderation as it can reason obesity in huge amounts, as result of its high sugar content. It’s additionally known to induce allergies, so be cautious.

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It’s difficult to say exactly what it is the the guinea loves for this reason much about carrots, but they sure carry out love them. So, let’s try and number out why every the guinea pigs about town room raving carrots.

Benefits that Carrot in Guinea Pig Diet


Guinea pigs should not consume carrot juice. When a couple laps aren’t going to yes, really hurt your pet, that really simply not necessary. Over there is a far-reaching amount of street in vegetable and also fruit juices, and also therefore, the risks outweigh the benefits. Overfeeding guinea pigs on street is a usual mistake amongst owners.

Fruits are healthy, and also most world know this, yet it’s still crucial to eat it in moderation. Especially juices made from juice together these space most often highly refined. Definition the fiber and other important nutrition is actually removed. It renders it straightforward to produce, and an excellent tasting but terrible because that health. For this reason feeding her guinea pig a small carrot juice, will certainly not death your tiny pet, but huge amounts might.

The just liquid friend will need is fresh water. No sugar, no calcium, no complications.

Guinea Pig Nutrition In Carrots

Carrots contain plenty of of the important nutrients her pet needs. Few of them are essential, meaning your guinea pig actually needs to acquire them. Due to the fact that it cannot create them itself. Let’s take a look at at few of these great nutritional facts, and also negatives in carrots.

Note: The complying with are measure in 1 cup chopped carrots(128g)

Calories are low at 52, i m sorry is an excellent for a snack item.Protein is low at only 1 gram.Total Fat is very low, with just 0.3 grams per cup. Good since guinea pigs have a tendency to end up being overweight.Vitamin C is a nutrient that concern, and also there is a many in carrots. However, remember it’s very advised to get Vitamin C from many different vegetables.Sugar is sadly a tiny high, with 6 grams per cup. Yet then again, it comes through a the majority of fiber and also nutrition. Not necessarily also high, simply remember moderation.Can cause allergies, but this could not it is in a major concern. Simply keep an eye on your guinea pig the very first time you feeding it carrots.

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I expect this offered you a small insight into the nutritional content of carrots. The data over is acquired from the USDA, U.S department of Agriculture. The many reliable resource of nutritional contents in foods.


So come answer your question deserve to guinea pigs eat carrots. Over there is nothing wrong through feeding her guinea pig a tiny carrot as soon as in a while. Ns recommend feeding her cavy carrots about 3-4 time a week. Store it to about 1-2 inch of carrots, as there should additionally be space for many different vegetables and some fruit.

Introducing carrots right into your guinea pigs’ diet will offer it secondary supply that fiber and Vitamin C, amongst others. These are crucial for health and also are certain to make your guinea pig happier and healthier.