The popular of plastic surgical procedure procedures continues to increase; in 2017, there were 17.5 million actions performed, a 2 percent climb over the 2016 total. Within this number, liposuction represents close to a quarter-million instances and a 5 percent increase over the vault year. Following are the 10 most necessary things to know about this progressively popular and also common plastic surgical procedure procedure.

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1. What is timeless liposuction?

Liposuction (also known as liposculpture) is a operation procedure that breaks down and also removes the subcutaneous fat great (fat just under the skin) in components of the human body that are notoriously and stubbornly resistant to diet and also exercise. This is no a load loss procedure; instead, it is a means to remove a bag of fat the is not responsive in otherwise healthy individuals.

2. Where is liposuction it is in performed?

Some usual "problem" areas of the body wherein liposuction is performed includes:

Double ChinBack the NeckBottom of upper ArmsFemale BreastsOuter Thighs or SaddlebagsBra Strap AreaAbdomen or belly PoochMuffin TopLove HandlesMale Breasts

Less common locations include the ankles, inside thigh and upper back. The optimal area because that each individual is unique, as each human responds to diet and also exercise differently. Qualified plastic surgeons consult v patients to determine the areas of their body where liposuction makes sense.

3. What makes suitable candidate for the procedure?

The finest candidates for liposuction are healthy and balanced individuals at or near to their goal weight. They are also nonsmokers.

Ideal patients have stubborn subcutaneous fat, in i beg your pardon fat resides in between muscle and skin, and not visceral fat in i beg your pardon the class of fat stays beneath the muscle layer around the ab organs.

Additionally, surgeons will evaluate the condition of a prospective patient"s skin before recommending liposuction. Patients with great skin elasticity are great candidates for liposuction, whereas patient with loosened skin or cellulite room not, together these problems can result in uneven or dimpled skin.

4. Is liposuction a weight loss procedure? how much fat deserve to be removed?

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is no a weight-loss treatment. Instead, the is a fat reduction procedure. The quantity of fat that have the right to be eliminated in one area throughout a solitary procedure will certainly vary relying on a range of factors, including the surgeon"s evaluate of the patient"s health and his or her aesthetic goals.

5. How does a patience prepare because that liposuction surgery?

Plastic surgeons will administer instructions for the work leading up to liposuction, yet in general, that is most essential to enlist a supportive friend or family member the can aid drive to and also from the surgical center and also assist through postsurgical care. Details medications like aspirin and also blood thinners may need to it is in paused before the procedure. In part cases, blood occupational is done ahead that time come ensure the the client is a great candidate because that anesthesia. Finally, the day of surgery, there will be a period where no food or drink have to be taken; this is typically about 12 hours before the appointment time.

7. What happens throughout the procedure? just how is that performed?

Liposuction is a operation procedure that involves making small incisions in the skin and also inserting a tool called a cannula right into the fat pocket. This cannula is attached come a suction machine or a syringe come extract the fat.

This is commonly an outpatient surgery, so while patients might be placed under general anesthesia they room often enabled to go residence the exact same day together the surgery.

8. What is the recovery like?

In most procedures, the patient can return to job-related in a few days and resume all normal activities, favor exercise, in ~ 2-4 main or less, despite recovery and postsurgical treatment varies relying on the area treated and also the quantity of fat removed.

Following accuse is the best means to have actually a recovery that is short and also as painless together possible. Part discomfort may be felt. However, lifestyle options like rest, hydration and not cigarette smoking will make healing time faster and complications fewer. The most typical postsurgical results can include some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the area the the procedure. The operation team will sell some alternatives on ache relief ~ surgery and also a list of pains relievers to avoid.

Common postsurgical instructions also include wearing compression apparel in the locations that were treated. Modified activities may it is in recommended for a couple of weeks climate to alleviate strain ~ above the target areas.

9. What type of scar is intended after the procedure?

The cannula is a little instrument, and because that this, the scars are little as well. The number of scars is based upon the number of insertion points needed to deal with the area. Scarring likewise varies relying on the patient"s skin quality. Operated doctor will talk about location and also the methods in which they have the right to minimize the appearance of scarring.

10. What kind of results need to a patient suppose after the procedure?

Plastic operated doctor can aid you anticipate and visualize realistic results. Immediately after surgery, there will certainly be some swelling and also the skin might be loose. As such it can take number of weeks to month to watch the full degree of the outcomes of the procedure.

The fat cells removed throughout liposuction room permanently removed. It is necessary to note, however, that patients can still gain new fat cells, so following a healthy diet, lifestyle and also exercise arrangement after treatment can assist prevent brand-new fat gain.

10 concerns to ask the surgeon

When selecting a plastic surgeon because that this procedure there are at least ten crucial questions to ask the will aid you determine whether they are a great fit for helping friend reach her aesthetic goals:

Are you plank certified by the American plank of Plastic Surgery? Board-certified plastic surgeons have demonstrated knowledge and experience in a variety of plastic surgery procedures, and have met stringent criter to attain certification.How much experience do you have with liposuction? asking how numerous procedures they have done and on what areas of the body can assist you to know a surgeon"s expertise level.What type of results have the right to I expect? It deserve to take numerous weeks because that the swelling to resolve, the skin to tighten and also the full level of the results to it is in seen. The surgeon can help guide you through this process.What is the surgery and recovery time? This will certainly vary based on the amount of fat gift removed, the target area and also the variety of areas in the human body that space being treated.Are before and after picture of similar procedures accessible to see? Reviewing the surgeon"s past work-related on similar patients and body areas can help patients obtain a realistic feeling for the surgeon"s work and also results.What is the scheduling time before surgery? part surgeons might be booked the end for months, while rather may have actually openings next week. Patients looking to finish their surgery and also recovery because that an upcoming event will desire to take into consideration the surgeon"s availability.What space costs and also is gaue won available? expenses vary through patient and also by region. Knowledge affordability and obtainable payment choices can better help patients plan and budget for liposuction.What type of postsurgical care is involved for the target area? In countless cases, compression garments and also reduced use space all it takes come make points better. However, if much more or special treatment is forced patients deserve to make or setup for distinct arrangements to have the ability to heal optimally.What type of follow-up is required with ~ this procedure? part surgeons may require a post-surgery visit to evaluate and confirm that everything is heal on schedule and also properly, while others might require lot of follow-up visits as a part of aftercare.

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As more people commit us to a healthy lifestyle and seek methods to reach their ideal, liposuction presents an regularly excellent and also cost-effective route to achieving these goals. Much better understanding this famous procedure can assist patients acquire the best feasible treatment and care.