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If you’re around to breed platy fish, you might want to take it a minute to familiarize yourself through the facets of reproduction platies, knowing how to call if your platy fish is pregnant, and also knowing just how to take treatment of platy fry.

I’ve put together this overview on platy fish pregnancy and breeding, for this reason it deserve to serve as a basis because that your study on platy fish breeding and also platy fish fry.

By reading this article, you will have actually a much better understanding on how platy fish breed, exactly how to know if her female platy is pregnant, and also ways girlfriend can regulate the result fry.


Let’s get right come it!

1. How Platy Fish Breed?

Good news for those wanting to each other platy fish: Platies are really easy to breed. There room no distinct prerequisites other than setting up a perfect habitat, having both male and female platies in the aquarium and letting nature monitor its course.

Platy fish are live-bearing fish and also give bear to live fried food unlike egg-layer fish, which place eggs, fertilize them and also hatch them external the body of the mrs fish.

Platy fish develop eggs that are fertilized by the masculine platy when the eggs space still within the female. Hatching likewise occurs in the belly of the woman platy. As soon as the eggs hatch, the woman releases the fry into the water.

Although tho small, baby platies are fully-formed and capable the swimming and feeding ideal away, which makes it easy to treatment for them.

There are a few things come know about reproductive age, identify the sex of platy fish, and also stocking the aquarium through the right number of male and female platies.

Platies are all set to breed at 5-6 months of age. Female platy fish are larger than masculine platies and they have a rounded abdomen. Over there are also differences in color, females being less colorful.

The anal fins of masculine platies will certainly turn into a gonopodium, i beg your pardon is the reproductive organ that will certainly fertilize the eggs. Woman anal fins room wider.

You have the right to place a solitary male platy and also a single female platy in a reproduction tank and also expect that they’ll properly breed, however, make sure that there aren’t more males 보다 females.

In live-bearing fish, masculine fish generally chase about the females come reproduce, which deserve to stress out female fish. This is the factor why the one male to 2-3 females stocking ratio is the yellow standard with these fish.

After fertilization occurs, the mrs platy will certainly bear the eggs because that one or one and also a half months. She will produce in between 20 and 80 juveniles and can give birth as commonly as every month or so.

Platy fish — as numerous other livebearers — communicate in filial cannibalism, which simply way they’ll eat your juveniles mistaking them because that food.

The only method to conserve juveniles is to eliminate adults as soon as the platy woman releases them into the water.

2. Just how to understand if Platy Fish is Pregnant?

One that the first steps in staying clear of adult fish come eat infant platies is to know exactly how to identify the indications of pregnancy and also prepare the aquarium for the time the female platy will give birth.

After copulation, it will take a pair of weeks because that physical signs of platy fish pregnant to appear. Throughout the gestation period, the abdomen the the mrs platy will end up being enlarged and also she will develop a dark spot on her belly, i beg your pardon signals that she’s pregnant.

You can write under the date your very first notice the pregnancy spot, so you can far better approximate when she’s around to offer birth.

3. Is Platy Fish around to provide Birth?

To protect against platy adults from eating baby platies, you must take some precautions before the woman platy is around to offer birth.

But how deserve to you phone call if she’s preparing to give birth? are there any signs?

If you recognize when reproduction occurs and when you first noticed the indicators that her platy fish is pregnant, you may tell that she’s prepare to give birth by how much time has passed due to the fact that copulation, but likewise by monitoring physical traits and also behavior.

You may notice that as she’s prepare to spawn, the abdomen that the platy fish becomes angular. She’ll likewise be seeking the end darker and much more covered locations of the aquarium.

This is your cue that you need to act quick to protect against her from providing birth in a neighborhood aquarium.

4. How to save Platy Fry?

So, if you want baby platies to survive, you have to save them from hungry or curious adults.

There are three approaches that you can use to avoid carnage in your aquarium:

Setting up a different Tank

By setting up a reproduction tank, friend can quickly remove the males after ~ reproduction and remove the female as shortly as she offers birth, every the while continuing to care for platy juveniles.

With a different tank, you must be cautious to enhance the water parameters that the initial tank.

Installing a breeding Box

A breeding box is an easier way to save platy fry. All you require is a breeding box, i m sorry will prevent adult fish from obtaining in there and eating platy fry.

With a breeding box, water parameters are already a given, and also you not required worry about matching lock in a different aquarium.

You shouldn’t keep baby platies for an ext than 2 mainly in the breeding box due to the fact that it will stunt their growth.

Having a greatly Planted Aquarium

Now, you might not want to invest in a breeding box, nor space you considering setting up a separate aquarium, specifically if your aquarium is already big enough together it is for her platies.

If it’s likewise heavily planted, the plants may be sufficient to offer enough cover to hide platy fried food from the adults.

I personally prefer setup up a separate breeding tank, climate removing the adults once the woman releases the fry.

If you’re seeking come commercially breed platies, enabling them to remain in the aquarium through the adults — even a greatly planted one — might not be your finest option from the ones ns presented above.

5. What come Feed baby Platy Fish?

Now the you’re left v caring for baby platy fish, girlfriend must understand what to feeding them to help them grow and stay healthy.

Luckily, it’s not daunting to raise baby platies or to feeding them, especially that they have a great appetite.

As omnivorous fish, they’ll expropriate all fish foods, however, in ~ the beginning, you will desire to up your protein intake to kick-start your growth.

Baby brine shrimp, daphnia, vinegar eels, micro worms space all good options and also so is fish flake food, just make certain to like it right into a powder to make sure it fits their mouths.

Feed platy fry frequently with little amounts all the when taking care not come foul the water.


Breeding platies is a breeze contrasted to other fish that need conditioning and special procedures to breed.

You might not be able to tell if her platy fish is prepare to offer birth the first time around, however if friend monitor she closely, you will do it soon obtain the gist of that all and with time, you’ll have the ability to spot the signs early on.

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I expect this article will serve as a good basis for reproduction platies and also caring for platy fry.