Arts and society have always been a part of the life the Logan Browning. She is a singer, songwriter, and also an impeccable actress who has completed a many in life.


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The at an early stage life that Logan Browning

According come the Logan Browning biography on IMDb, the actress to be born top top the ninth of June 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her nationality is American and also her Zodiac authorize is Gemini.

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How old is Logan Browning? Presently, Logan Browning period is 31 years.

The names of Logan Browning parents are Larry and also Lynda. They embraced and elevated her together her three brothers who names are Keith, Clinton, and also Chad.

What is Logan Browning ethnicity?

Many world are curious around Logan Browning race. She is biracial. She is of African-American descent.

Her birth mother was White while she birth father was African-American. Her adoptive parents are African-American.

Educational background

The actress checked out Vanderbilt college in Nashville, Tennessee.

Logan Browning height and also weight

The singer and also actress has a slim build. She is 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters/ 1.6 meters) tall and she weighs around 50 kg (110 pounds.)


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What color are Logan Browning eyes? She has Gunmetal blue eyes.

Her thick black curly hair, beautiful eyes, and also sharp eyebrows are few of her many distinctive features.

loganlauriceSource: Instagram


Browning made her exhilaration debut together Carrie ~ above the teen series known as Summerland. End the years, she has actually perfected her acting skills and is among the finest actresses today.

Logan Browning movies and also TV shows include the following:

Television shows

Summerland (2004-2005): She portrayed the character of Carrie in the episodes titled choose Nik, Sledgehammer, Kicking and also Screaming, and The Grass Is Greener than You Think.Ned's Declassified institution Survival guide (2005-2006): She featured in this television collection as Vanessa in five episodes. This were dual Dating & the critical Day, science Fair & research Hall, April fools Day & Excuses, Upperclassmen & pistol Biology Dissection, and also Notebooks & Math.Meet the Browns (2009-2011): She shown the personality of Brianna Ortiz in 67 episodes.Pair of emperors (2010-2013): She depicted the character of Rebecca Dawson in 5 episodes. The secret Circle (2011): She to be Sally Matthews in two episodes whose titles were Loner and also Bound.Hit the Floor (2013-2018): She portrayed the personality of Jelena Howard in 35 episodes.For much better or Worse (2014): She featured in 2 episodes together Shawn.Powers (2015-2016): She acted as Zora in 18 episodes.Dear White world (2017-2019): She was Samantha White in 30 episodes.

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Logan Browning movies

Bratz (2007): She portrayed the character of Sasha.Breaking at the leaf (2013): She featured in this film as Sara.Brotherly Love (2015): She portrayed the character of Trina.The Perfection (2018): She starred in the film as Lizzie.

Video game

Bratz 4 actual (2007): She was the voice that Sasha.


Besides acting, Browning is also a songwriter and singer. She has actually one soundtrack credit. She carry out the tracks titled Bratitude and also Open eye in Bratz.

Award nominations

In 2019 and also 2020, she was nominated for photo Awards in the category of outstanding Actress in a Comedy collection for her role in dear White People.

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loganlauriceSource: Instagram

Is Logan Browning married?

The actress is yet to obtain married, so over there is no male who can be determined as Logan Browning husband. She is a very private person when it concerns her love life.

Despite Logan Browning date life being kept under wraps, it is in the public domain the she dated rapper Tyga (Micheal ray Stevenson) in the past.

Tyga was Logan Browning boyfriend for about two years. The pair began dating in 2009 and parted means in 2011.

Logan Browning network worth

How lot is Logan Browning worth? The actress and singer has an approximated net precious of $1 million.

Social media

Logan Browning Instagram account has at least 1.1 million followers. She additionally has a Twitter account through at the very least 106.5k followers.

Besides posting Logan Browning warm pictures on her social media, she uses these communication to sensitize people about various reasons that she trust in, together as, protecting, believing and also respecting black color women.


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Other facts around the actress

She is right into numerology and fitness. She enjoys boxing, running, pilates, and yoga.She learned exactly how to dance for her role in struggle the Floor. Thankfully, she had always wanted to learn just how to dance. She took ballet classes for eight months. She also took jazz, hip-hop, & jazz-funk, and heels classes.Logan considers her thick black color hair an accessory. That is part of her because it has actually a certain texture and also style. She loves playing with it and rocking organic hair, however admits that she is not her hair.

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Logan Browning is a focussed and determined young woman. She inspires young ladies from every walks of life to seek and achieve their dreams.