Full NameJeffrey Nero Hardy
Age43 Years
ResidenceCameron, phibìc Carolina
Salary$2.06 Million
Net Worth$12 Million
Source of IncomeProfessional Wrestling, Musician
EndorsementsWWE Merchandise, JeffHardyBrand
CharityStarlight Children"s Foundation
Marital StatusMarried come Beth Britt (2011 - Present)

Jeffrey Nero continuous or together he is popularly well-known as Jeff Hardy is just one of the most famous names in the world of expert wrestling. He has actually been a professional wrestler because 1993 and also is right now signed to WWE, under the SmackDown brand. Apart from WWE, durable had likewise wrestled for total Nonstop action Wrestling (TNA), Ring of respect (ROH) and several various other companies on the live independence circuit. 


Jeff Hardy network Worth 2021

As the 2021, Jeff Hardy"s network worth is approximated to it is in $12 million. At just 43 year of age, that is a amazing achievement. Apart from being a skilled wrestler, he is additionally a singer-songwriter, painter, and musician. But most the Jeff Hardy"s network Worth can be attributed come his wrestles career.

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Jeff hardy Salary

Jeff durable is currently signed come WWE where he earns a salary of $2.06 Million per year. Which renders his monthly income to amount to $171,666.67 and also weekly numbers to it is in $39,615.38. His value from his rings career forms the structure of Jeff Hardy"s network Worth.

Matt Hardy net Worth

Jeff"s brothers Matt durable is likewise a experienced wrestler. Matt hardy network worth is also, a whooping amount of $5 million dollars. They together made the sign team called "The hardy Boyz".

Jeff hardy Wife

Unlike his ferocious me as we check out Jeff continuous in the ring he is in reality a family man. The is happy married to Beth Britt Hardy because 2011. Lock together have actually two children: Ruby Claire and also Nera Quinn.

Jeff durable Tattoo

Jeff durable has gained inked fairly a couple of times in his life, and every single one of his tattoos go on to reflect top top a depths meaning. When Jeff was 18-years-old he got his first tattoo which was a black and also white dragon on his foot which surprisingly still continue to be unfinished. Apparently, Jeff likes unfinished tattoos since they give him a certain feeling that incompleteness. Jeff accolades his see designs specifically that tattoo of root to him being a landscaper.

Roots are the veins of a tree and Jeff is obsessed v plant life. His demon tattoos on each side of his neck that they have a grip on him. The appeals to Jeff Hardy"s darker side. Apparently, even that wasn"t done purposefully but it instead turned out to it is in a an excellent metaphor because that him overcoming addiction. There is a line on his arm wraps roughly the root device going up against his side. He stated that since everyone assumed the roots to be a line anyway, that just decided to add one. His tattoo by Jesse smith of one octopus strangling a rabbit is his ideal one.

Jeff Hardy challenge Paint

Jeff Hardy face paint has constantly been famous. Not plenty of in the industry have such originality to their face paint as he does. And we have pertained to know that challenge paint does have actually a special definition to him. 

"The confront paint is something that i just... As soon as I don’t have actually time to paint on the canvas at home due to the fact that the WWE schedule is therefore brutal, together you know, it’s simply an outlet. I can gain to the building and have this image in mine head and also being that ns don’t have a canvas I deserve to just usage my challenge as what I desire to shot to carry to life. When I am all painted up, it’s favor I... I type of feel choose it’s my alien skin. What does my spirit look like once it gets the end of that body and I’m on a star looking back at Earth, and also all these crazy thoughts. Will certainly I look prefer an alien? all these creative thoughts come right into mind. Like it shows creative freedom and freedom of her soul. It’s favor expression in ~ its best. I think ns am much more sociable when I’m all painted up. I think i feel normal, fairly normal, a lot an ext normal than when I’m all shy and also not painted. That’s Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma at his best when he come out through the challenge paint. The face-painted freak, man, that’s by much a compliment in mine book.”

Jeff continuous Discography

Apart from gift a expert wrestler, Jeff is likewise a singer-songwriter, painter, and musician. Over the years Jeff has composed numerous albums.

Similar Creatures – EP (2012)Plurality of human beings (2013)Within the Cygnus Rift (2015)Spawn the Me – EP (2016)Precession of the Equinoxes (2017)Individuals - EP (2019)

People likewise ask

How much does Jeff hardy make?

Considering a report native 2015-16, Jeff durable makes roughly $1.6 Million in a year, and owns a net worth the $12 Million.

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Who is Jeff hardy married to?

Jeff Hardy gained married come his longtime girlfriend Beth Britt in March, 2011.

Are the continuous boyz yes, really brothers?

Jeff Hardy and also Matt Hardy, famously known as The hardy Boyz, are real-life brothers. Matt is 3 years older 보다 Jeff Hardy.