How much is WWE Sin Cara’s net worth? former NXT sign Team Championship has actually an estimated net worth of US$1 million. The is a expert wrestler who is currently connected with the mexican Independent Circuit. The plays there under the ring surname Cinta de Oro i m sorry is the Spanish definition for the golden Ribbon. Yet his most well known wrestling stint to be the one with WWE where he used to play under the Spanish ring surname Sin Cara which way fearless in English. He received immense love, recognition, and also popularity indigenous the4 show and also was among the the strongest contestants in the show. Mystico and also Mystio are some of his other famous ring name while play under the Mexican skilled Wrestling promo AAA. He has also been a star demonstrate throughout countless years in the live independence circuits in the USA and also Mexico.

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When to be he born?

Sin Cara to be born on 5th September 1977.


He to be born in Texas, the united States.

How old is Sin Cara?

Considering his date of birth, that is 44 years old as of 2021.

Birth name

His real name (birth name) is Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez.


He was lugged by both that his parents together with his siblings. His parents were Mexican Immigrants, thus, his roots are from Mexico and also his nationality is American.

Religious belief

Sin trust in Christianity.


He belongs come the white ethnicity.

How was his at an early stage life?

Sin together a young young was really much interested in all develops of sports and also used to take part enthusiastically in all sporting activities events however had a special corner for wrestling. Sin offered to take component in freehand wrestles competitions at college levels and state levels. After completing his high schooling at a neighborhood school located in El Paso, that pursued higher studies pertained to embalming and funeral director solutions in Mexico.


Professional trip in short

After perfect the level Sin started working in his grandfather’s funeral house in Juarez, Mexico. Along with that, he additionally practiced wrestles in Burges High School. In 2004, Sin became connected with Lucha Libre AAA worldwide and wrestled for practically a year. In 2006, he became a component of full Nonstop activity Wrestling and also played the 2006 civilization XD-Cup Tournament. In ~ the world cup tournament, that was one of the 4 members of Team Mexico. He joined the national Wrestling Alliance in 2007 and also played it and Chikara till 2009. In 2009, Sin ended up being an integral component of the WWE, after completing the developmental phases; that won several championships over there and continued play till 2019. In 2019, he returned to Mexican elevation Circuit and has been playing repetitively at the mexico Independent Circuit due to the fact that then.

WWE career

Initially, he functioned a “try-out” complement for WWR whereby he operated without a mask through ring name Jorge Arias. He had actually a developmental deal with the company after i beg your pardon he started working for WWE’s farm league Florida Championship Wrestling. Later, he started using the ring name Hunico and started teaming through Tito Colon. He created Los Aviadores (Spanish because that “The Aviators”) after pairing v Tito Colon and defeated Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (The Uso Brothers). ~ above June 3, 2010, make them become the Florida sign Team Champions. They shed the title to Kaval and Michael McGillicutty but became successful in regaining the title earlier in the rematch. He lost to Justin Gabriel in a dark complement at the NXT tapings top top July 26, 2011.

In 2011, the made his key roster debut top top the august 12 episode of SmackDown whereby he defeated Tyson Kidd. He play the function of Sin Cara participating a battle royal wherein he was got rid of by mark Henry in ~ the last. He significant win against Daniel Bryan ~ above the august 30 episode of SmackDown noting his an initial heel turn where he struck Bryan also after the match. The initial Sin Cara made his return in ~ the tapings the the September 16 illustration of SmackDown who faced Arriaga’s impostor version of the character. The impostor Sin Cara struck the initial September 19 episode of Raw prior to he could confront Cody Rhodes in the ring. If the original was having actually a enhance with Daniel Bryan, the imposter Sin Cara attacked him again. Later, he offered a brand-new black attire to identify himself indigenous the original and revealed the he stole Urive identity as Sin Cara similar to the method he stole the Místico identity from him 6 years prior.

After the new black attire, that was described as “Sin Cara Negro” and lost come the initial Sin Cara in ~ Hell in a Cell. Your feud pertained to an finish when the initial character unmasked Arriaga in a Mask vs. Mask enhance at the October 16 taping that SmackDown in Mexico City.

He reprised the character again top top December 2, 2013 December 2, 2013, and successfully defeated Alberto Del Rio. He formed a sign team through Kalisto together “The Lucha Dragons” ~ being sent out to NXT. They significant a win versus The Ascension to victory the NXT tags Team Championship which they lost to Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy ~ above the January 28 episode of NXT.

They do their key roster debut together participating in an 8-man sign team match where castle teamed with big E and Kofi Kingston (The brand-new Day) to loss Konnor and also Viktor (The Ascension), Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. They revealed their arrangement of disbanding top top July 18, 2016, after i beg your pardon they began their role as singles competitors. He faced Braun Strowman ~ above the September 5 illustration of Raw. He shed to Strowman in 2 matches through countout and pinfall. He developed a team v Lince Dorado come defeat drew Gulak and Tony Nese.

He participated in a six-man tags team match, the Hell in a cabinet pay-per-view ~ above October 30, 2016. Where he teamed v Cedric Alexander and also Lince Dorado come defeat drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari.

He relocated to the SmackDown brand top top April 11, 2017, and also began a feud v the United claims Champion Baron Corbin. He shed to Corbin top top the November 14 illustration of SmackDown Live making him fail to knife the United says Championship. The participated in the André the giant Memorial battle Royal in ~ WrestleMania 34 in April 2018.


Personal Life: that is his wife?

Sin Cara has not been lot vocal about his personal life. Thus, barely any information pertained to his wife is available. Sin is the father of a son and also a daughter however their names room not known. The keeps posting their images on society networking sites.

Anger management

Many of his fans are unaware the his anger administration issues. WWE when ordered him to to visit anger administration classes in November 2016 after having separate altercations with Chris Jericho and Simon Gotch.

How high is Sin Cara? just how much does the weigh?

Sin Cara has actually a elevation of 5 feet 7 customs or 1.70 meters and weighs roughly 90 Kilograms.

Body stats and also appearances

His chest, waist, and also biceps measure up 48, 34, and 16 customs respectively. Sin has actually a robust physique and also a giant body-frame. He has brown hair and hazel eyes however covers himself with a mask when wrestling.

Salary and also net worth

The approximated net precious of Sin Cara is 1 million us dollars. He annually earns approximately 200 K us dollars through wrestling and also other promotional events.

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Instagram account

Sin Cara loves using Instagram in his preventive time. The does not use any kind of other social networking site. Sin is complied with by 1.2 million followers on his confirmed Instagram account and also has post 945 times and has complied with 115 people.