Is your teenager interested in acquiring her nose pierced? once your teen concerns you asking around getting a piercing, it have the right to be difficult to recognize what come say.

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There room a most things to take into consideration to certain you make the right an option together. We’re below to help you weigh the pros and also cons and give girlfriend a few things to consider prior to you let her teen have their nose pierced.

There are several things you want to keep in mind when helping your teen make this decision.

Are nose Piercings allowed at School?

Something necessary to consider is even if it is or no your daughter’s school enables facial piercings. Some schools have a really strict dress code and that may not permit any piercings at all, and the college administrators may ask she to remove the piercing while she in school.

Removing the piercing for long periods of time could reason it to thrive over because it is tho in the healing process for numerous weeks or even months.

If the piercing grow over, she will have to have her sleep pierced all over again and also it will certainly be as though that was never pierced in the an initial place. It’s best to recognize the institution policy prior to moving forward with the piercing come avoid having it redone later.

Are nose Piercings enabled at Work?

If you daughter is working or will soon be applying for a job, that is essential to keep in psychic the policies surrounding body piercings for her ar of employment.

Some employers have actually strict guidelines about facial piercings and also visible tattoos, and they could also require her to eliminate the jewelry throughout her shift. Again, removing the jewel for long periods the time could cause the piercing to thrive over throughout the healing process.

It’s crucial to have a discussion about workplace policies beforehand therefore she is aware of the potential constraints that might come from having actually a face piercing.

Most employers space pretty set back about nose piercings and also are much more strict about other facial piercings, but it’s constantly a good idea to dual check.


A piercing is basically a wound and also it needs to be properly cared for to stop infection. This care is simple daily routine, yet it’s necessary to consider your

daughter’s level that responsibility prior to letting her have actually her sleep pierced.

Proper treatment of a sleep piercing requires using mild soap and also water to clean approximately the piercing multiple times a day.

Your daughter will must make sure she has clean hands when touching the piercing directly, and that she isn’t constantly playing through the jewelry.

This have the right to lead come oils and also dirt acquiring into the piercing and also potentially resulting in an infection.

Nose piercings deserve to take number of months to heal, and also during this time it’s very important come make sure that the piercing and jewelry remains clean and taken treatment of.

It’s essential to talk v your daughter around appropriate after care of she piercing to ensure she is committed and also understands the prestige of caring for the piercing.

Pain Tolerance

Another important point to talk about with her daughter is she pain tolerance. A sleep piercing calls for puncturing the nose or septum.

This have the right to feel prefer a pinch and also be sufficient to make her eyes water due to the fact that your sleep is component of your sinus cavity. If her daughter doesn’t manage pain well, you’ll desire to think about if a piercing is the appropriate choice.

State Piercing Laws

Before permitting your daughter to have her nose pierced, it’s necessary to understand the regulations in your state. Most states in the U.S. Allow body piercing for teenagers between the eras of 14 and 18 with parental consent.

Some states do not need a parental to be existing for the piercing, while various other states require at least written permission or because that the parental to be with the teenager because that the duration of the piercing process.

If you live in a state wherein your daughter is not legally old enough to have her nose pierced, execute not attempt to have actually a shop execute the piercing anyway.

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The shop can be fined and/or the artists could lose their license for piercing a minor. Research study the laws in her state therefore you have the right to make an education decision about whether or no a piecing is right for your teenage daughter.