LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actress Isabel Sanford, best known as "Weezie," Louise Jefferson ~ above the television sitcom "The Jeffersons," died of herbal causes, her publicist said Monday. She was 86.

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Sanford died Friday at Cedars-Sinai clinical Center, where she had been hospitalized since July 4, said Brad Lemack.

Her health had actually waned after ~ undergoing precautionary surgery top top a neck artery 10 month ago, Lemack said. The did not offer a reason of death.

Sanford co-starred with Sherman Hemsley native 1975 to 1985 ~ above CBS" "The Jeffersons," a spin-off of the popular series "All in the Family," in i m sorry she likewise appeared.

In 1981, Sanford became the first black mrs to receive an Emmy for best Actress in a Comedy series for her occupational on "The Jeffersons."

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