Many track world don"t understand or recognize the suitable placement that hurdles. This problem is amplified when age group considerations are involved--most tracks room not significant for the odd period group spacings. I"ll cover the after the basics. By the way, the USATF rulebook is absent some information and has typos in its charts that have actually been corrected for in the info in this post (so the mathematics works)--in other words, this is an ext up to day than the rulebook. If you currently know the basics, jump ahead.Every race has a distance to the very first hurdle, a an are between every hurdle, and a street to the finsh line. They are not the same.


Steeplechase actually appears easy compared to the various hurdle heights and markings. Steeplechase is much much less precise, definition the distance runners carry out not count your steps and plan your distance in between barriers. In fact, the street between obstacles could be different depending if this is one inside, slice or outside design. The only preeminence is the spacing in between the 4 barriers and water jump must be same spaced approximately the odd size lap, that the water jump is the beside last barrier and that the last obstacle should it is in 68m prior to the finish line (which kind of puts the others in their family member position). Most tracks that have steeplechase currently have that functioned out, however there space a pair of exceptions to look the end for. If the water jump is ~ above the same finish of the track as the finish line, the steeplechase will end up at the opposite end up line indigenous the common finish heat (examples: Mt. SAC, USC, LBCC, Mira Costa College and also CSLA). And also if the water jump is a slice, an interpretation a brief runway throughout just half the inside of a revolve (examples, Stanford, West valley College, university of the Canyons, CMS and SJCC), the finish line could be about 20 meters under the straightaway indigenous the usual finish line.There are only two obstacle heights to be aware of. Youth, Women and also Men end 60 run 30" and also Men indigenous High institution up to age 59 operation 36" barriers. Masters and Youth run 2000 meters. If they space adjustable, that is usually with a bolt or pin arrangement--the fancier models usage a knob come tighten. Some have combinations the locking ring (you lift up on the ring then after it is in the brand-new location putting the ring ago down locks the in place).
over there is a calibration line on this variety--this one (currently at 30") is even significant for 27" which is only used for global Masters 70+ This one (currently in ~ 30") needs to remove both bolts which act together pins. Both helpers need to lift to the following hole before pins are replaced.
To move the barriers, it is suggested you use two people, so friend don"t drag these heavy obstacles on the quickly damaged all weather surface of the track. To readjust the barriers, girlfriend should have actually three people--one to organize each end and the third to carry out the adjustment. If many of these flexible barriers space not well balanced (meaning if one finish slides reduced than the other) together they space adjusted, they are so closely aligned come the support frame that it will obtain stuck. Do not try to execute this through yourself--you could damage the barrier.On a 3000, the barriers before the common finish line (meaning the water jump and also the one top top the straightaway after ~ it) room not supplied on the very first lap. That an initial partial lap is operation on the consistent track. That way the very first barrier is the the one just after the complete line after you have actually seven laps to go. The obstacle on the straightaway needs to be placed in ar AFTER the race has started. Relying on if the water jump is inside (or outside) the curb (or cones) separating (or directing) the athletes native (or to) the water jump additionally should be removed (or placed) after ~ the athletes pass the point. Doing the math, that method 28 barriers and 7 water jumps in a 7 and also a fifty percent lap race.Obviously moving barriers and also removing curbs throughout the race requires the employee to do so.The difference in a 2000 is the is a 5 lap race. And it is absent the first two barriers, which space the two in between the begin line and also the water jump. Again act the math, the is 18 barriers and 5 water jumps.Most tracks room not marked for the 2000 start. To measure up the 2000 start where the does not exist, you measure the street from the (leading leaf of the) 200 meter start line in lane one to the currently 3000 steeplechase start. For the metrically challenged, i really suggest you carry out this metric or it will fry her brain. Of course you need to take keep in mind of the direction indigenous the 200 start, if the track has an inside water jump you will be walking back into the straightaway. If the is an external water run you will certainly be wade forward into the turn. The easiest way for me to calculate is to division by 7 then multiply through 5, however if you have a calculator through you, main point by . 7143. Climate measure out that street from the common start/finish line in the exact same fashion and direction together you took the initial measurement.

Old Hurdle Races

There used to be other hurdle races and occasionally new hurdle races space invented. The most usual of those defunct races is the 220y and also 180y short hurdles. Being developed in the imperial days, these complied with imperial measurements. The hurdles were 30" 20yards come the very first hurdle and also 20 yards in between. California High colleges ran the 180 short hurdles until 1974 (many other states evolved around the exact same time), so many of united state relics have the right to still claim high school documents in those occasions (since no one is running them anymore). The old 220y (and that metric equivalent) room two of the 5 world records set by Jesse Owens the one day. Because this gyeongju was typically run on a straightaway, plenty of old framework still display remnants that the 220y straightaway that was required for this race. Since the directly 220y existed, one rotate 440y and also straight 220y gyeongju (without hurdles) were also contested causing separate documents to it is in kept. The took till 1996 for Michael Johnson to lastly beat the old straightaway 200 record organized by Tommie Smith set in 1967.Another permutation I have actually seen is a metric 200 short hurdle race, which was doubling the distances of the women"s 100m hurdles. This to be a fun addition to some neighborhood meets that offered otherwise unrecognizable athletes a chance to chase a record. Since I was able to consistently acquire through this odd race without falling level on mine face, I held the "World Record" because that over a year as I ran with the carnage that my much faster challengers who had actually impaled us on hurdles prior to I ever got there.The over were the basics, right here is the unique information this page offers:

Age group Hurdles

Since this contains more (corrected) details than the rulebook, accomplish directors are urged to print these charts out and also use it as a guide to place your hurdles.Men 19-29 the course run the Men"s 110HH in ~ 42" as explained above.High School, women up to age 39, Intermediate and also Young women run the Women"s 100H at 33" as described aboveHigh School, guys 30-49, Intermediate and Young guys run the Men"s 110HH in ~ 39" as defined above.Men 50-59 run the women"s 100 spacing in ~ 36"For every the races below, friend will need to create special locations to accomodate the hurdle placement. The graph will display the easy way to location those hurdles.Men"s 60-69 and (from a different start line) Women"s 40-49Men 60-69 carry out 100m in ~ 33"Men 70+ execute 80m in ~ 30" The rule book calls for men 80+ and also women 60+ to perform 27" internationally. For the charts listed below all referrals are to the Women"s (W)100m hurdle marks, + is toward the complete line, - is towards the start line.Women 40-49 likewise do 80m at 30" The placement is same as the Men"s 60-69 however is absent the very first two hurdles.The begin line because that 80m is specifically at the sixth 300H note (high school hurdles), 1.5m before W2 (relative come a common finish line).The Women"s 40-49 and Men"s 70+ first hurdle is equal to the Men"s H3, an interpretation they just do 8 hurdles.
Hurdle # Distance Adjustment
H1 12 W1 -1.0m
H2 20 W2 -1.5m
H3 28 W3 -2m
H4 36 W4 -2.5m
H5 44 W5 -3.0m
H6 52 W6 -3.5m
H7 60 W7 -4.0m
H8 68 W7 +4.0m
H9 76 W8 +3.5m
H10 84 W9 +3.0m
Women 50-59 and also Men 70-79 execute 80m at 30" through a different spacing, the begin line is still the 6th 300H mark, meaning W2 -1.5
Hurdle # Distance Adjustment
H1 12 W3 +2.0m
H2 19 W4 +0.5m
H3 26 W5 -1.0m
H4 33 W6 -2.5m
H5 40 W7 -4.0m
H6 47 W7 +3.0m
H7 54 W8 +1.5m
H8 61 =W9
Women 60+ and Men 80+ do the same spacing as above but at 27" long Hurdles:Men and also Women increase to period 49 all perform the normal worldwide 400m races, males in ~ 36", females in ~ 30" men 50-59 lower the hurdles one notch to 33"Men 60+ and Women 50+ carry out 300 hurdles at 30" but continue to use the 400 meter placement, chopping off the an initial three hurdles, definition it is a 7 hurdle gyeongju that is different from the high institution race. This confuses most meet directors, an especially those that concentrate on divisions other than masters. Permit me repeat, the hurdles remain on the 400m locations (meaning the run up to the very first hurdle is 5m longer) and they just do 7 hurdles, so critical high school hurdle does no exist. Again the rule book calls for men 80+ and women 60+ to carry out 27" internationally. Currently, the joined States has voted to take exemption to the rule since our hurdle manufacturers execute not provide 27" hurdles and also we perform not desire to burden our fulfill organizers with having to find 27" hurdles for the rare incident that we have such a hurdler.

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Clearing a 30" hurdle meets the qualifications of clearing a 27" hurdle (though the puts the contender at a disadvantage obviously) so any kind of records set with 30" hurdles will certainly qualify for worldwide recognition..Youth age departments are by names fairly than specific ages due to the fact that they identify their periods differently, by bear year fairly than date.Bantam departments do not execute hurdles.Midgets Boys and Girls both execute 80m in ~ 30", the start line is the 6th 300H mark, meaning W2 -1.5
Hurdle # Distance Adjustment
H1 12 W3 +2.0m
H2 19.5 W4 +1.0m
H3 27 =W5
H4 34.5 W6 -1.0m
H5 42 W7 -2.0m
H6 49.5 W8 -3.0m
H7 57 W9 -4.0m
H8 64.5 W9+3.5m
Youth Girls perform 100m at 30"
Hurdle # Distance Adjustment
H1 13 =W1
H2 21 W2 -0.5m
H3 29 W3 -1m
H4 37 W4 -1.5m
H5 45 W5 -2.0m
H6 53 W6 -2.5m
H7 61 W7 -3.0m
H8 69 W8 -3.5m
H9 77 W9 -4.0m
H10 85 W9 +4.0m
Youth Boys, Intermediate and Young females carry out the Women"s 100m, same elevation 33" and same spacingIntermediate and also Young males do the High school High"s, an interpretation the Men"s High Hurdles in ~ 39"Long Hurdles:Youth Boys and also Girls execute 200m at 30" for the lengthy Hurdles. They start at the 200m start line and run the last 5 hurdles of a normal 400m race.Intermediate Boys, intermediary Girls, Young Men and also Young women all perform the normal global 400m races, males in ~ 36", females at 30"To answer any further questions, call me at info