The white cliffs that Dover space in the south east of England. The cliffs are made up of one ancient type of rock called chalk. They stretch because that 8 kilometers, and they are as high as 110 meters. The white cliffs have been vital landmark for civilization from numerous different nations throughout background because they are so high you deserve to see them indigenous ships the sail close to the English coast.

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White Cliffs of Dover Facts for Kids

The cliffs were formed in the Cretaceous period.They are about 70 come 120 million years old.The white cliffs of Dover are component of the British seaside areas.Dover is a town and significant ferry port in KentThey are part of the phibìc Downs cliff formation

The White Cliffs that Dover conceal a collection of tunnels


The White Cliffs of Dover room a natural seaside landmark in the county of Kent. Surprise behind these cliffs is a collection of tunnels leading from Dover Castle, produced during the Napoleonic War.

These tunnels to be enlarged and also transformed during civilization War II. The was provided by soldiers to hide safely after attacks along the coastline. Winston Churchill’s had actually a armed forces headquarters in this tunnels so he might spend time there and also be safe.

A visit below may take you earlier years together your creative thinking takes you far to the tunnels in use fairly literally.

The tunnels were supplied to save guns, and also they likewise had something dubbed the sound mirror, which is a good way come hear if an adversary is coming.

The White Cliffs the Dover epitomize peace


There is a butterfly species, the Blue Butterfly, discovered on optimal of the Cliffs. Castle are discussed in a song that was renowned from the 1940s through Vera Lynn. This song aided to get people through difficult times. The Cliffs have end up being a symbol of peace.

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Besides the blue butterflies, there’s constantly plenty more, favor the jackdaw. There’s also a bird dubbed peregrine falcon and also swallows. And if she lucky, you could see a bluebird!

Shakespeare was motivated by the Dover Cliffs


One that the cliffs is called Shakespeare Cliff, whereby the famous writer William Shakespeare gained his inspiration. The cliffs have actually been the catalyst for plenty of famous artists. Lock are likewise a renowned attraction for hikers, who involved enjoy the magnificent views and historical definition of these cliffs.