2019 Yamaha YZ125 specifications, pictures, reviews and rating

2019 Yamaha YZ125. Photo credits - Yamaha. Submit much more pictures.
2019 Yamaha YZ125
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Yamaha"s profilation that this bike
Large 270mm prior disc brake coupled v high-performance pad product offers outstanding machine control and also performance, with outstanding stopping power and also controllability.

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General information
Engine and also transmission
Physical measures and capacities
Other specifications
Further information
Model:Yamaha YZ125
Category:Cross / motocross
Price together new:US$ 6499. MSRP depends on country, taxes, accessories, etc.
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Displacement:125.0 ccm (7.63 cubic inches)
Engine type:Single cylinder, two-stroke
Engine details:Reed-valve-inducted
Bore x stroke:54.0 x 54.5 mm (2.1 x 2.1 inches)
Fuel system:Carburettor. Mikuni TMX 38
Lubrication system:Premix
Cooling system:Liquid
Transmission type,final drive:Chain
Clutch:Multiplate wet clutch
Weight incl. Oil, gas, etc:93.9 kg (207.0 pounds)
Seat height:975 mm (38.4 inches) If adjustable, shortest setting.
Overall height:1295 mm (51.0 inches)
Overall length:2136 mm (84.1 inches)
Overall width:828 mm (32.6 inches)
Ground clearance:366 mm (14.4 inches)
Wheelbase:1443 mm (56.8 inches)
Fuel capacity:8.00 litres (2.11 united state gallons)
Oil capacity:0.70 litres (0.74 united state quarts)
Color options:Team Yamaha Blue
Factory warranty:30 Day restricted Factory Warranty
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