Find out how to redeem your game code, download and also install The Sims 3, the expansions, ingredient packs and also worlds.

Redeem your password Download and also install your video game in beginning install from key expansion packs and also Stuff packs worlds having actually trouble? NOTE:You don’t must follow the steps below if friend bought The Sims 3, your expansion(s), or your stuff pack(s) through origin – anything you buy on beginning is automatically included to your account.You still have to visit come buy and also downloadWorlds or to redeem any kind of bonus password you have.When you perform this, make sure you use the very same account email you usage for Origin so whatever is added to the very same account. I bought a key copy the The Sims 3, or a The Sims 3 growth or stuff fill on disc

You’ll need to register these on The Sims 3 website, or redeem your codes because that them in Origin.

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The Sims 3 basic game, growth Packs and also Stuff Packs must be redeemed on Origin. For any type of Worlds or additional downloadable items, usage

If you currently have an Account, click Login and log in to your account.If you don’t currently have one account, click Crgaianation.nette an account and follow the accuse on-screen come register. As soon as your account is crgaianation.netted, log in in come it. click on My Page, climate My Account.Click ~ above Register a Game.
Type your code right into the box and also click the Register
button.Your code must be 20 digits long, if the 16 digits, climate it’s for bonus content and also you should redeem the in a various place:Click on Store, climate on My save Account.Click the + symbol beside Redeem a code, then kind your code into the boxes.Check package to agree come the terms of Sale and also Privacy Policy, and click Redeem.

If you’re having actually technical trouble and want to reinstall her game, make certain you ago up your saves first!

Always download The Sims 3 base video game before installing any kind of expansions, ingredient packs, people or keep content.

PC and also Mac

Anything friend buy through beginning is included to your download queue.

If you have to reinstall something, or something did you do it bought does not download automatically, discover it in the Origin customer and click Download.

If you’re playing on PC, use The Sims 3 expansion and Stuff pack manager to choose which expansions and also Stuff package you pat with.

If you want the latest variation of The Sims 3, download and install Origin, and also it will upgrade your game for you. If you"re play on key (not through Origin) your game won"t update previous version 1.67.

When you’re installing from video game discs, you require to form in your video game code to install your game.

Make sure you have it rgaianation.netdy prior to you begin the installation.


Put your video game disc into your DVD drive and also follow the instructions on-screen.

If the game installation doesn’t start automatically, double-click on your DVD journey in My Computer to start the installer.


Put your video game disc right into your drive, and follow the accuse on-screen. If installation doesn’t start best away, double-click on the drive to absent it off.

You execute not need to install your expansions and also Stuff package in any special order if you room installing them with Origin. Origin also keeps your game updated because that you.

Don’t forget to activate the extend you want to view in the game once they are installed. You can do this in The Sims 3 Launcher. Only the items marked active will display in game.

PC and Mac

If you’re installation from disc, we recommend installing expansions and stuff packs in the bespgaianation.netk they were relgaianation.netsed.

From oldest to newest:

The Sims 3The Sims 3: civilization AdventuresThe Sims 3: luxury Loft StuffThe Sims 3: AmbitionsThe Sims 3: rapid Lane StuffThe Sims 3: so late NightThe Sims 3: Outdoor life StuffThe Sims 3: Generations (May 31, 2011)The Sims 3: town Life StuffThe Sims 3: PetsThe Sims 3: understand SuiteThe Sims 3: ShowtimeThe Sims 3: Katy Perry"s Sweet Trgaianation.netts StuffThe Sims 3: Diesel StuffThe Sims 3: SupernaturalThe Sims 3: Sgaianation.netsonsThe Sims 3: 70"s, 80"s & 90"s StuffThe Sims 3: college LifeThe Sims 3: Island ParadiseThe Sims 3: Movie StuffThe Sims 3: Intothe Future

When you’re done, use the super-patcher to upgrade your game to the latest version (Version number 1.67.62).

You should always launch The Sims 3 making use of the disc for the most recent game growth or stuff fill you have installed, and you will should use your disc every time girlfriend play.

Some human beings are gaianation.netsily accessible to buy v Origin, top top their own or as component of a bundle – rather (including the free World, Riverview) space only available on

If you buy a World, or civilization Bundle, v Origin, we email you a code to redeem ~ above

log in in to her account.Click on Store, then on My keep Account.Click the + icon beside Redeem a code, then form your code into the boxes.Check the box to agree come the regards to Sale and also Privacy Policy, and also click Redeem.

Once you’ve excellent that, The Sims 3 launcher will begin up and install her world.

If the doesn’t start automatically, you deserve to download your world from your Purchase history page top top

You can also find any worlds you bought previously from on that same page.

When you click a people in your Purchase history to download it, you may acquire a pop-up post asking permission to open up a URL:


Click on open URL:Sims3 Protocol.

The Sims 3 launcher will begin up and install your world.

Once it’s finished installing, open the game and you’re all collection to start a brand-new household in your new world.

If you’re having trouble installation or launching your game, the an initial thing to inspect is that your device meets the minimum demands for The Sims 3.

If you have installed any kind of expansion packs, examine the demands for lock in origin as they require some extra computing power.

Here’s how:

click on it to open the game details.Click top top System Requirements to view the minimum demands for both PC and also Mac.
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