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"Can i burn iMovie to DVD without iDVD?" Mac users would favor to usage iMovie to edit videos and also burn to DVD through iDVD. However, as soon as it transforms to burn iMovie video clip to DVD, iDVD no longer exists for Mac OS X because Lion. So how to burn iMovie come DVD for storage or playkback on DVD player? No worries! here is the easiest way to export iMovie 10 videos and burn come DVD in high quality.

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How to Export and also Burn iMovie to DVD

To burn iMovie to DVD top top Mac (macOS High Sierra included), the freshly designed DVD Creator because that Mac is the good helper, allowing you to conserve your iMovie masterpiece to DVD bowl in high quality. It has a brand brand-new user-friendly interface; the workflow is clear; and most vital the video quality provides you really satisfied. Now burn your iMovie video clip to DVD in no time so you have the right to send duplicates of her awesome production to your family and also friends. You can likewise take this DVD creator and also burner to edit videos or make photo slideshows. (For home windows users, you have the right to use DVD Creator for Windows.)


Steps to export and also burn videos indigenous iMovie come DVD quickly and also easily

Step 1. Export video from iMovie 10 project

To burn iMovie 10 video clip to DVD, very first you have to save video clip from iMovie job to her Mac"s tough drive. To perform so, go to share > Media Browser and also select a location folder in the home window that mirrors up.


Note: you can likewise directly upload iMovie video clip to YouTube so that your friends and also family have the right to view castle on YouTube. However, it"s no a good choice if you don"t desire all the civilization to check out your video.

Step 2. Launch DVD Creator

After exported video kind iMovie project, open up DVD Creator.

Step 3. Import iMovie video clip into DVD creator

Import all the iMovie video files you want to burn come DVD disc. Two means are for your choice: One is to directly drag iMovie records into this iMovie come DVD converter, the other is to click the "+" button in the main window, and also choose iMovie video from the folder you"ve exported iMovie video clip to.


Step 4. Do a an individual DVD menu

You can skip this action if you don"t psychic the DVD menu. A DVD food selection will be applied to your iMovie DVD movie by default. Friend can likewise disable the by selecting No menu at the end of theme list. Various alternatives are also noted to help customizing her DVD menu, like including titles and specifying elevator music.

Step 5. Begin to burn iMovie to DVD

Preview her DVD movie whenever you want by click the Play button at bottom. Once you"re satisfied v your DVD movie, click the Burn button to continue. In the home window that appears, offer a surname to the movie and select the right TV standard. Lastly, click the Save button to start the burning process of converting iMovie to DVD disc.

Once you have melted your iMovie task to DVD, girlfriend may select to conserve the initial DVD job to difficult drive so the you can edit later. If you"ve sent the iMovie DVD disc to others, you have the right to burn the for more copies anytime you want. If you select to conserve iMovie video to DVD ISO format, you can even burn the on windows platform due to the fact that ISO is sustained by many DVD burning software prefer Nero (Nero has no Mac version, through).

Video accuse on exactly how to Burn iMovie project to DVD

Filmora video clip Editor because that Mac (or Filmora video clip Editor for Windows) is the finest iMovie alternative for girlfriend to modify videos and burn video to DVD. It is one easy-to-use video clip editor with progressed editing tools finest for beginners and also professionals.

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Why select Filmora video Editor: edit videos, audio and photos in any format.Easy-to-use editing tools including trim, crop, join and split.Best for video enhancement come adjust video parameters.Beautiful impacts to personalize your video.