Hello,We have two budgies who mated and also layer 7 eggs together. Tomorrow is walking to it is in the 18th day since the first egg was laid. Native researching online, the eggs typically hatch somewhere in between 18-23 job if fertile, yet I couldn’t find consistent results online. Exactly how long should we wait it rotates we might deem an egg infertile (in the case it can be)?We brought our budgies native Petco, who had told united state that they were “vaccinayed” so we never acquired our budgies vaccinated after that so far. They never ever seemed ill in any type of was described, so we didn’t usually take into consideration vaccines because that them. Yet for the budgies that will certainly be born soon, should we acquire them vaccinated? we consulted a few vets yet they to be not certain if child budgies compelled vaccines.Our two initial budgies were on a seed diet, however I learned around pellets a while after lock had already mated. I store pellets in their cage 24/7, yet they refuse come eat it. I understand that they will certainly feed their children seeds as well, but I want their kids to begin eating pellets indigenous a young age. I read online that the babies have the right to be handled approximately 2 weeks? If thats true, can we feeding the babies in ~ 2 weeks? If not, when can we hand feed the babies?I also read online that when the babies have actually hatched you need to clean/unsoil the nesting box every day? prefer after the babies start coming the end right? yet the point is that my budgies have covered the floor through seeds and once I had actually tried to put bedding in the nesting box and also then my budgie refuse to get in the box till it was empty again. So, I’m no so sure around routinely clean the nesting box? What have to I do?Should we take any precautions therefore the babies won’t acquire greatly sick? should the mommy be top top a particular diet for better health? (We give her seeds, pellets, millets, corn, string bean, coriander, lettuce, egg yolk treats) any type of other advice on just how to take it of the babies would certainly be sososo appreciated thank you for this reason much!


Hi Hiver,

It is best to leaving the egg alone till the parents decision they are no longer viable. Normally once the hatch dates pass, the pair will toss the egg out, cover them, eat castle or just abandon the swarm box. The eggs perform not start to thrive until the parents begin to incubate them. Countless birds will wait till a couple of eggs space laid prior to they sit ~ above them. If nothing has happened a complete week after ~ the last egg set is due, then you can discard the eggs and also take the nest box down. Also if eggs perform not hatch, a pair must be rested before they lay egg again. If the egg were no good, remainder the pair for at least a month and also then return the nest box. If they do raise chicks, eliminate the colony box as soon as the chicks have actually left it, and also do no return the box for about 6 months. If you don’t eliminate the box in in between clutches and also force the pair come rest, lock will frequently keep reproduction year round which is not an excellent for them. The hen can end up dice from laying eggs too often. In the wild the weather would change and this stop the breeding season, however in captivity, we need to take the nest box away and also make them rest.

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I’m not certain what “vaccinations” PetCo might give. Most vaccines because that pet birds are still not proven and are rarely offered as a regime vaccination prefer we have for cats & dogs. I would carry out what your Vet recommends.

I would recommend offering your birds our Nutri-Berries and also Avi-Cakes – I’ll administer a link below. This diets are formulated the very same as a pellet, but they are not floor up. Every pellets space made from ground seeds and also grains. The seeds in our Nutri-Berries and also Avi-Cakes space fresh, hulled seeds merged with other nutritious ingredient to carry out complete nutrition. Most parakeets will eat this much an ext readily 보다 pellets. It’s best to begin by crumbling the berries or cakes end their constant seeds and also then progressively reduce the loose seeds till they are just eating the Nutri-Berries & Avi-Cakes. Because that now, friend should also be feeding castle dark leaf greens, chopped veggies and fruits, as well as cooked eggs v the shell crushed and also cooked v them. You need to wash the egg shell thoroughly before cooking it. Girlfriend can additionally offer some multi grain bread. If any kind of chicks hatch, the parents need more than simply seeds to feeding them. You will certainly be surprised that they are likely to eat the cook eggs when they have actually chicks come feed. I would certainly not recommend trying come hand feeding the chicks unless you have hand fed before. Once the chicks space a couple of main old, you can remove one chick in ~ a time and handle it because that a couple of minutes, a few times a day. If the parents obtain too upset, then do not do this. As long as you take care of the chicks as quickly as they space weaned, they typically tame quickly.

Do no clean the swarm box until the chicks have actually left it. If you clean that while they have actually eggs or chicks, they may abandon the box, eggs and chicks. Reproduction birds have to feel favor their nest is safe, therefore if they feel there is danger, they give up it. Together I discussed above, as quickly as the chicken come out of the box, take it it away. Even if the chicks are still gift weaned, that’s OK. When they have sufficient feathers and are able to come the end of the box, they execute not require it anymore. If friend don’t eliminate it appropriate away, the parents may try to lay an ext eggs rather of weaning your chicks.

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Again, top top diet, the finest diet is a nutritionally balanced diet – pellets, Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes. Once they are eating a balanced diet, they need to not have actually any loosened seed mixes together this walk not administer much in the way of nutrition. The other foods you sell are fine, and also also add the cooking eggs daily while breeding and raising chicks. Other veggies to sell are dark leafy greens, broccoli, cooking yams or sweet potatoes, carrots, and also any other veggies they will certainly eat, but these space favorites. Below is our feeding guide link and also link come our foodstuffs I mentioned.