12-hour time is really typical here in the U.S., yet in countless other parts of the world, 24-hour time is used. There space a lot of reasons why you may want to switch to 24-hour time, and whatever lock are, this is just how you carry out it on an Android phone.

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How to change your Android clock come 24-hour time

I offered a Google Pixel 4 (running Android 10) because that this guide, so relying on the call you"re using, things could look a tiny different. V that said, the procedure should be largely the same.

Open the settings on your phone.Scroll down and tap System.Tap Date and time.

Tap the toggle next to Use 24-hour format.

Source: Android Central

And that"s all there is come it! through that out of the way, the time on her Android phone call will currently abide through 24-hour rules.

Our top devices picks

Pure Android

Google Pixel 4

Stock Android v the finest camera

Google"s Pixel 4 is quiet the de-facto choice for numerous who desire a mix of a an excellent camera come go in addition to stock Android. You"ll just have to keep a portable charger nearby, but the images are fine worth it.

Additional Equipment

While we"re top top the subject of time, these space a pair of our current favorite devices we"d recommend exploring if you haven"t already.

Google Pixel buds (2020)($180 at ideal Buy)

Google"s recent headphones room the Android variation of AirPods, minus the noise cancellation. You"ll obtain Assistant best in her ear, and plenty the battery life to last you through at least fifty percent the day before needing a recharge. Plus, there"s water/sweat resistance if you desire to take the Pixel sprout to the gym.

Fitbit charge 4($150 in ~ Amazon)

If you prefer being maybe to constantly have the time on her wrist, the Fitbit charge 4 is a must-buy. It speak the time, tracks your health/activity transparent the day, mirrors notifications from her phone, and even has integrated GPS.

Google home Hub($90 at B&H Photo)

The Google home Hub is just one of the ideal smart home devices on the market. It has actually a sleek design, gorgeous LCD screen, and all the power of the Google Assistant. Usage it to catch up top top the latest news, manage smart residence devices, and see the moment in 12 or 24-hour formats.

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How to adjust your Android clock to 24-hour time

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Google Pixel 4From $627 in ~ Amazon

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