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I"m a brand-new widow, make the efforts to carry out things I have actually not excellent before, and also would evaluate your help. The new u-shaped fluorescent bulbs i bought to change the fading people in my kitchen ceiling lamp are the exact same brand and model number together the vault ones. I put the prongs right into the plug finish of the fixture, and also pressed the body of the bulb into the u-shaped steel clip which must support it at the other finish of the fixture. Yet they were simply a tiny too loose to stay in place. (Picture a zillion glass fragments on my kitchen floor.) must I try to tighten the metal clip by squeezing with pliers? (Before inserting new bulbs.) execute I need a new fixture? What would you recommend? Is this a common problem? thanks for her help.
I commonly will examine holding clips prior to I let go, and end up with a disaster. Typical sense says to examine holding tools when ever you perform something, especially lighting.
Answers based on the National electric Code. Local amendments may apply. Inspect with her local building officials.

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