It is no secret, football players tend to sweat a lot throughout practice and also in the actual game. Except the sweat, dust and dirt additionally accumulate, therefore making soccer helmet a breeding ground for bacteria. You may wonder, suitable ways on exactly how to clean a soccer helmet?

Remove the chin strap & within padding. Include two fall of mild liquid detergent and also water in a container to make a soapy solution. Dive a rag into soapy systems & wipe the inside of the helmet. Wipe out the chin strap, ear pads, and also inner padding to eliminate dirt, debris,&bacteria.

Inthis guide, friend will watch the action by step tutorial on just how to clean a footballhelmet to make it dirt-free and avoid odor. I will share an extensive steps on just how to clean a football helmet inthe complying with segments:

How come Clean a football Helmet ShellHow to Clean a football Helmet Chin StrapHow to Clean a soccer Helmet VisorHow come Clean a football Helmet InsideHow come Clean a Smelly soccer Helmet

Read ~ above to find outhow to clean a football helmet with the most effective and an ideal ways.

Beforewe get into just how to clean a soccer helmet, let me enlist couple of tools compelled in the procedure of cleansing yourfootball headgear:

A Microfiber Pad or A Cotton cloth A mild & Non-abrasive CleanserA Disinfectant Spray

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Before you start cleansing your helmet’s outer shell, remove the Chin Strap, Ear Pads,and inside Paddingof the helmet to do the cleaning process efficient&convenient.

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Now prepare a soapy solution by including one or 2 drops ofmild liquid detergent in a little water bowl. Dip a rag or cotton towel into asoapy solution and start cleansing her football helmet.

Best gentle & Non-Abrasive Cleanser

Initiate remove grass, mud, or dust on the helmet’s external shell or exterior. Ensure girlfriend wipe the end thoroughly, for this reason no dirt and debris continue to be behind.

Once done, geta soft cloth and also wipe every the overabundance filth the left on the helmet exterior. Scrutinizeit to insurance a flawless outcome.



Let’s getstarted; just how to clean a football helmet’s chin strap, the foremost step is toslide turn off the bucklefrom the chin strap. If a chin strap attributes achinshield, gently eliminated it.

Stifle a cottoncloth v a soapy solution, and also wipe the chin strap gently and also thoroughly. Besure not to leave any type of dirt.

Now continue to clean the buckles using a cotton cloth and also remove dirt and grime collected inside the buckles.

When itcomes to the chin shield –submerged the in a separate soapy solution and also washingit through water subsequently.



Remember! If friend hit a bug, never ever wipe it off v your gloved finger; it have the right to smear the visor or, worse, scrape it.

In fact, never dry-wipe a helmet’s visor, no matter howsoft the material you use.

To clean a soccer helmet’s visor, constantly use a particular Visor Cleaner Spray, home window Cleaner, or plain water.

Pro Tip: prevent using Visor Sprays equipped with oil, as they have the right to leave a smeary movie on the visor. Further, it creates a flare effect when looking toward a street light, approaching headlights or the sun.

Yet, Eucalyptus Oil is an exception for the evaporates anddoesn’t leaving a smear. Additionally, it also makes the inside of her helmetsmell pleasant.



Unfortunately, youwon’t evade sweat and dirt inside your football helmet after hrs of extreme rehearsaland game-time wear.

You won’t even tossyour soccer helmet in the washing machine, but a few tips can assist keep your headgearclean and complimentary of bacteria.

Don’t’ gain puzzled; simply follow the end the provided stepsto clean the inside of her football helmet:

Takea Microfiber Pad or a level Cotton Cloth and gently clean the inner surface ar ofyour soccer headgear.Nowtake a gentle cleanser spray or oxygen bleach solution. And smoothly use on theinner padding. Takea dampened rag or a cotton cloth and also rub the cleanser as finest you can. Cleanthe within pads with a dampened fabric to eliminate soap and also ultimately acquire rid ofskin irritation.



Well, repeatedly wearing a football helmet may create unpleasant smell due to sweat, dirt, and microbial.

Luckily, yes a systems to death the unpleasant smellfrom your helmet; simply wipe the end the inner padding through a soft fabric dampenedin non-abrasive detergent. Let that dry, and also spray a helmet deodorant to acquire ridof a stinky soccer helmet.

Pro tips to protect against Smelly Helmet: A quick squirt that White Vinegar or Vodka top top the helmet’s inside to neutralize odors.


Use Disinfectant Spray

A disinfectant is a chemistry liquid the destroys bacteria typically used in hospitals, dental, surgeries, kitchens, and also bathrooms.

The sweat and also the skin create bacteria that move to the deepest part of the helmets prefer inner lull pads.

Fortunately, it can be ruined using a disinfectant spray to the entirety interior that the helmet.

After extensively spraying, leaving the helmet in an upright position on a tough surface until it is dry.

Find the end the top-rated disinfectant spray foryour football helmet:

Avoid dry inSunlight

Always use aStand fan or a Non-bleach Disinfectant fabric to dry your football helmet.

Be careful, drying your football headgear in too much heat or in glowing sunshine –not advisable together it have the right to deteriorate the inner padding and destroy her helmet.

Avoid AbrasiveCleaners &Chemicals

Experts say,always go with a Mild and Non-abrasive Cleanser for it is nontoxic for thehelmet’s pad inside.

Keep an eye;some cleansers have actually chemicals, consisting of Turpentine, Bleach, & Ammonia. Tryavoiding them for they are not suitable for clean a helmet.

In case, mildcleansers room not available, and cleaning the headgear is currently necessary,take a piece of cloth, dampen the with heat water, and also then clean the helmet together trainedabove.

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FINAL think

As I pointed out earlier, there are different segments in our substantial guide on how come clean a football helmet. Those simple steps, if complied with thoroughly, will certainly not just make your helmet cost-free of germs, human body odor, and also dirt but likewise durable regardless of consistent usage.

Due to the top quality difference. I would certainly recommend girlfriend buying the finest football helmet. A an excellent quality helmet have the right to be offered for a longer time.