For what friend pay because that an Xbox, there’s a many that appears to go catastrophically wrong. Red ring of death, DVD journey failures, and excessive overheating pertained to mind. Today’s frustration concentrates on a much more in-depth problem: why won’t my Xbox 360 read game discs?

The game disc watch clean, so why is it still skipping and also freezing? If you’re prefer me, you’ve taken your Xbox apart, sheathe towels around it, and sacrificed a infant lamb to the YouTube gods in hopes a twelve year old’s how-to video will end your misery. Every in a desperate effort to just play speak to of Duty 47.

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You can send that in to Microsoft, however then that usually calls for 2-4 main of no Xbox. I beg your pardon is simply not walking to it is in an option.


You’re resourceful. There’s no easy method to get inside and scrub the sucker v Windex and also a document towel, however you’re the determined type who doesn’t desire to danger not being able to play GTAV every hour the every day. Just just how does a laser lens work, anyway?

Why Won’t mine Xbox 360 Read video game Discs?

The major contributing aspect to a disc read error is a dirty optical lens (the one the your Xbox 360 laser passes with to check out the key itself). If over there is dust or dust top top the laser lens, your mechanism will at some point fail to check out the game disc. Lots of brushes and also DVD-style discs have been on the industry for year that claim to clean the lens effectively. The key word the gets forgotten generally is safety.

Sure, cleaning a video game system isn’t a dangerous task (unless you’ve acquired your Xbox opened up and also are remove hardware with pliers outdoors during a thunderstorm). No, that is a breakable task. The laser lens can gain knocked out of alignment conveniently with the wrong approach. I’m certain you’re tenderness with every one of your toys, especially the Xbox. However you need a special device for this.

Here’s just how to safely clean a laser lens: Use CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner because that Xbox.


CleanDr is the go-to solution for repairing and cleaning both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One laser lens. Here’s just how it works.Simply insert the CleanDr disc right into your Xbox 360 or Xbox One DVD tray (with the graphic side facing up). That will automatically play.Follow the on-screen voice instructions. The disc will instantly begin spinning with a patented, Zero-Clearance process. V a standard electronic devices brush, girlfriend hand-brush the lens till the illusion the a cleaner lens appears. In reality, your conventional brush pipeline gaps. The miniscule brushes on the CleanDr disc room arranged in a way to ensure that no point out on her laser lens is overlooked. The whole lens surface is covered.In addition, the 10-brush Cyclone Clean process aggressively clears dust, dirt, and also debris without bring about scratches. The Cyclone Clean intuition cleans the lens for permanent image and sound high quality improvements. To speak goodbye to skipping, slow loading, and errors.


Replacing a console is expensive. Clean the laser lens yourself is not.

Does that really occupational as advertised? Feel free to perform your study (this guy really seems to like it, and also swears favor a sailor) and carefully follow these instructions as soon as you to buy it. Hey, it’s a lot much better than to buy an all-new system. Much better yet, CleanDr works fast, also if your very dirty lens requires a few rounds of cleaning. After ~ a few minutes, you will be back trying to beat The 4 Kings in Dark Souls 2. Keyword trying.

All hoax aside, we’re experiencing an additional truly impressive time in gaming. Don’t let small hardware hiccups derail what matters many – the magic that the game.

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CleanDr is obtainable for playstations consoles, PCs, and also DVD/Blu-Ray players as well. Give it a try.