I included too much vinegar to my pork butt and I want to know just how to minimize the vinegar taste so the it is OK to eat. Please help.Answer:-Vinegar or acetic acid as the is otherwise recognized is sour to the taste buds and also as with all acids, it result is family member to the concentration of that in water.So the first way to alleviate the smell of the vinegar is to dilute it, in impact make a gravy. For your pork butt this will average shredding the meat and also warming it v in the gravy (or undoubtedly a barbecue sauce).Whether it"s a Chinese flavor or a barbecue flavor, the standard method to balance the sourness the vinegar is v something sweet so as soon as making your gravy (or sauce) look at for some sweet ingredients.You"ll have to keep tasting to know when you"ve acquired the balance right and you deserve to do it in a variety of ways:-A sprinkling the sugarTry syrupOr why not use honey?To preserve that barbecue flavor then the traditional ingredient that"s currently packed with sugar is tomato ketchup for this reason you can want come startwith this. Get the consistency the you space looking for, taste and also if you need to further balance the sweet then include some (brown) sugarSo to pull all this together.Shred her pork buttAdd something sweet come balance the sourness that the vinegarWhen the balance is good, dilute (if necessary) to do a affluent sauceYou must now have actually a mix of pork in a rich viscous sauce that"s perfect to usage as sandwich filling. View AlsoBarbecue TipsReturn to house Page from exactly how To alleviate Vinegar Taste

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reduce vinegar taste by: CB just volume that ingredients will kinda reduce...there are various other tricks, together you understand with salad you include cheese and also that takes it down a notch.But for BBQ --- try butter. Especially browned a bit. That will add flavor to the meat and tone down the vinegar.

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