A quick guide to identify the correct bowstring size for your bow

Have you ever needed to replace a bowstring, only to establish you don"t understand the exactly bowstring length your bow nees? v over 38,000 sporting items stores in the U.S. Many of us have actually probably left the determination up to our favorite keep or manufacturer. Also though countless bows come v strings all set to shoot the is beneficial to recognize a couple of simple tip in case you ever want to change your own bowstring or just put a bowstring top top a stringless bow.

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To determine the correct bowstring length for your bow, friend should:1. Use AMO length to identify Correct Bowstring Length  or...2. Manually Measure your Bow

1. Making use of AMO length to identify Correct Bowstring Length

AMO is short for Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization. Typically a bow will be marked with the AMO which refers to the standardized length of the bow This is especially useful in regards to identify bowstring size on a recurve or longbow. To aid illustrate exactly how bowstring length have the right to be measured utilizing the AMO please refer to this image: 


 The AMO to represent the size of the bow from tip to tip, and the generally embraced rule amongst archers is the correct bowstring length on a longbow is 3" much less than the AMO, and on a recurve the is 4" less the AMO. For this reason in this example of a 58" AMO, if this were a longbow we would need a 55” bowstring length, or a 54” bowstring size if this to be a recurve. Vital reminder below is that countless shops actually sell bowstring lengths according to the AMO, so together in this case a 58” AMO would call for a 58” AMO bowstring. So the is vital to clarify v your sporting items store on whether they sell bowstring length by the AMO or the actual length needed. Compound bows will frequently have a label that includes information prefer weight, string length, cable, and draw. In most instances what is noted on the label will indeed be the bowstring size that you require for that certain bow.

Here is an instance of a label discovered on my Martin bow:



So together you have the right to see, my compound bow needs a 58" string. 

2. Manually Measure her Bow

Sometimes the AMO or brand is absent on the bow, and you are left come figuring out the correct bowstring size from scratch. Right here I have actually a Paul Bunyan Recurve, however it only provides the draw weight for this reason I must manually figure out the cable length: 


Don’t worry - it"s easy! To find the correct bowstring size on a recurve or longbow friend will need a ice measure. Making use of the tape, measure along the curve of the bow four from string groove come string groove, this will provide you the correct string length. Girlfriend can likewise measure the bow from reminder to reminder to find the AMO and also then subtract appropriately depending top top the do of the bow. Remember come measure across the challenge of the bow limbs and to no measure into the curve the the handle.

Bow Length and also String size Diagram:  

relocating from classic bows to link bows the process becomes a little bit trickier in regards to measuring. The AMO bow string length standard suggests that link string length be determined by applying 100 lbs. Of tension and also measuring from external of pin to exterior of pin v your string. A method to perform this yourself is to placed the bow in a bow press, and also taking a item of string make a loop and place it on the peg discovered on the cam and also then pave it around the cams and bring the string come the various other peg top top the opposite next of the bow.

Holding the cams so the they look comparable to once the bow is actually strung friend can change the brace elevation to for sure a reality feel and visual for how the bow will look fully strung. From over there you deserve to take a marker and also mark the string in ~ the peg the contrary of the loop. Finally you can measure the length of the cable from your loop come the mark you made, and also this should offer you the proper length needed for her compound bow. This process is much easier with a helper, happy stringing!

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Chad Weaver - may 23, 2020

AMO is 3" shorter, period. Doesn’t issue if the a longbow, recurve, level bow, revolution tip, whip finish tiller, “super curve”, etc. The method it’s composed is the AMO bow size is established by the “string master” (steel cable) that puts the at ideal brace. The bow is come be marked 3" much longer than the string master. It’s simple to watch up. Http://www.outlab.it/doc/amostd.pdf The “catch” is numerous bows aren’t marked correctly according to AMO. I’ve to be making practice strings because that longbows and recurves for 25 years, and have viewed them differ from 1" come 6" much shorter than the significant length. Over there is no “accepted standard”. The only way to guarantee you gain the correct length string is bespeak by string length. The string must be measured with the bow strung up and also at the exactly brace height.

bill Hall - Jun 25, 2020

Something seems wrong v this instruction for measure up of a string because that a recurve. It claims “To uncover the exactly bowstring size on a recurve . . . Measure along the curve the the bow four from cable groove to string groove, this will give you the correct string length.”. The alternative technique is “You can likewise measure the bow from reminder to tip to uncover the AMO and also then subtract as necessary depending on the make of the bow.”.

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If you measure from pointer to reminder on a recurve bow, the measurement will always be much less than the measure up “along the curve the the bow limbs”. If you climate subtract 3 or 4 inches from the pointer to reminder measurement, it will certainly be also that much shorter than “the exactly string length”.