Learn exactly how to dehydrate jalapenos to preserve your harvest at the height of freshness! This simple preserving technique takes the guesswork the storing your jalapeno or hot pepper harvest. Usage your dehydrated peppers together is or grind them right into a powder.

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We"ve all been there. Standing in the grocery store buying fresh, delicious jalapeno peppers. In one hand, you"ve gained a package of 6 jalapenos for $4, or a whole bag with 20 because that $4.97 in the other. (Don"t make fun of my grocery pricing!! I"m Canadian!)

I buy that $5 fill every.single.time. I use every little thing I can and then preserve the rest. Occasionally that method freezing jalapenos, periodically that method dehydrating jalapenos, and also sometimes that way loads of guacamole in the fridge, however they never go to waste!

This how to do dried jalapenos guide is specialized to the far better deal.


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tips + tricks

No. 1 -->If you"re handling a lot of peppers, stay gloves! This is a lesson i learned the hard way one time while canning a mega batch the spicy salsa. I had actually to sleep through my hand in milk because the capsaicin burned so bad!!

No. 2 -->Keep the dimension of your slice or dice consistent. This will enhance your drying results as all your pepper pieces will be dehydrated about the same time.

No. 3 -->If at all possible, deydrate your jalapenos outside. If it"s no possible, try to keep them in the garage near a contempt open window to vent several of the fumes!

No. 4 --> Some people recommend dehydrating jalapeño peppers in the oven. I perform not. Have you ever before accidentally sent jalapeno guts under your garburator with warm water? that ain"t pleasant! Don"t do this in your oven.


key ingredients

Jalapenos:Choose fresh, firm, ripe jalapenos without blemishes, holes, or mold. Any jalapenos v wrinkled or dark spots should be one of two people discarded or have actually those bits cut out.

While this cooking recipes is created for jalapenos, that will job-related for any hot pepper; poblano, serrano, habanero, etc.


how to dehydrate jalapenos

Wash her peppers well in cool water. Allow them to air dry, or dry v a soft, clean kitchen towel. Excess moisture left top top the peppers method more occupational for your food dehydrator! part off the stem of your peppers and ream the inside of the pepper v the handle finish of a spoon, this will dislodge the membrane and seeds. Ar the prepared jalapenos ~ above the racks of your dehydrator climate dehydrate at 125f until desired doneness. The doneness relies on her intended use. This can variety from 6-12 hours depending on the size of her peppers and the desired doneness. Leathery - Dehydrating the jalapenos until the leathery stage is ideal for peppers you desire to rehydrate or use in cook recipes. Brittle - proceeding past the leathery stage and drying the peppers till they space brittle is appropriate if you arrangement on turning the dried peppers into a powder. Permit the peppers come cool to room temperature before storing in one airtight container.

more keeping recipes come love

how come rehydrate dried peppers

Remove preferred jalapenos indigenous the container and also soak in warm water because that 5-10 minutes until they reabsorb enough water. You"ll recognize they are rehydrated once they start to look choose the piece you had before you dehydrated.

While this rehydrated peppers watch close come fresh, lock won"t be exactly the same. I recommend using them in recipes the don"t call for the crunch of fresh jalapenos.

Try these recipes:


how to usage dehydrated jalapenos:

These jalapenos have the right to be usedsimilarlyto fresh jalapenos. The texture won"t be rather the same, but the flavor and also heat room there. I recommend making use of them in a cooked dish or a recipe that doesn"t depend on the crunch of new pepper.

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Use your dehydrated peppers:

jalapeno salt!

batch and also storage information

Batch:There is no border to how numerous peppers you can dehydrate using this method, aside from your easily accessible dehydrator space!

Storage:Keep her dehydrated jalapenos in for up to a year in one airtight container. I like to use tiny mason jars. The FoodSaver jar attachment (I"ve just been may be to find it top top Canadian Amazon) is good for sucking the waiting of jars for lengthy term storage. Dehydrated jalapenos can additionally be vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer.


recommended equipment

KitchenAid food processor:Dicing a huge batch of anything sucks, so ns bought myself a KitchenAid Food Processor attachment through dicing plate! the is so awesome! i diced 10 jalapenos in perfect dice in under a minute. Clean up is a breeze too!

Dehydrator:I have and love(!) a9 RACK EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR. We usage it toDEHYDRATE CITRUS WHEELS,GARLIC, strawberries, pears and even, DEHYDRATE MARSHMALLOWS, and also much more. It"s obtained a 24-hour timer and also very precise temperature controls for this reason it"s great for dehydrating miscellaneous foods.



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