Surface crochet is a method for including embroidery-style draft to her crochet work. There space a few different ways to occupational surface crochet, the most usual of which is with the slip stitch. In this technique, you create a row of on slide stitches ~ above the surface of her crochet cloth by pulling loops v from the back of the fabric to the front in the form of the pattern that you desire to architecture on the front of the work. This post shares exactly how to job-related this kind of crochet. The Mandala Sampler Throw cost-free crochet sample is supplied as a reference. Examples of and also links various other patterns utilizing the an approach can be uncovered at the bottom the the post.

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Common supplies for surface Slip Stitch Crochet

Here are some of the means that you deserve to use this technique once you have learned exactly how to perform it:

Create decorate emblems on her crochet work without including appliqués. The is a little bit like drawing on your work with yarn! This is what we will practice below. Friend can additionally use the an approach to add letters / native on to her crochet work.

Use the lines come "outline" your whole project or to rundown portions the the project. This is a great way to attract attention come details or carry out a perfect contrasting border.

Use present to develop a plaid. If friend have ever before wondered just how to make a plaid architecture in crochet, this is your height choice.

Easily include color come a large monochrome crochet project. You can produce the entire piece, such as a blanket, easily in a solitary color and also then use stripes that surface single crochet to add quick mr of color.

Smoothing color transitions, especially in tapestry crochet. Some crochet patterns have awkward jagged color changes that can be made to look neater and also cleaner through surfacecrochet in ~ the transitions.

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Creating extr layers on her work. Surface slip stitch crochet is relatively flat, however it add to a second "layer" on come your job-related that you could then work extr stitches right into for a 3-dimensional piece such as a textured flower.


The Mandala Sampler throw crochet pattern by Bendy Carter is a stunning example of just how a basic motif, choose the hexagon, can acquire a dramatic makeover through the enhancement of also very straightforward surface crochet. Let"s use the instructions from this throw pattern to obtain an expertise of just how to work-related slip stitch surface crochet. Like many crochet designers, Bendy abbreviates this method as "surface slip st" and describes it in ~ the beginning of the pattern. Her instructions are as follows:

"Hold yarn on wrong next of piece, insert hook from appropriate side to wrong side in indicated an are or stitch, yarn over and draw increase a loop (1 loop top top hook), *insert hook from appropriate side to wrong side in next indicated an are or stitch, yarn over and also draw loop through fabric and also through loop top top hook (one surface slip st made); repeat from * together instructed. Fasten off."

Examining every of these actions in detail provides a solid development to the surface ar crochet technique. Below it is, step-by-step: