A call number is the mix of letters and numbers that suggests where things can be uncovered in the library. Most call numbers are situated on the spine or prior of a book. The most frequently used speak to number mechanism at gaianation.net university Libraries is the Library of congress (LC) classification System. Below is a rapid explanation of exactly how to review a Library the Congress call number. Remember, you can always ask for help in locating books at the RBD aid Deskof the main library (RBD) and also the circulation workdesks of our 2 branch libraries (LADC and also Vet Med).

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Example call Number:



1) read the an initial letters alphabetically. Solitary letters come before dual letters, so: A, AA, AB, AC...( and so on till we acquire to..) H, HA, HB, HC, HD...

2) find the section of the library that matches the first letters of your contact numberon a library map. Because that our example speak to number, we'll find the HD ar on the 2nd floor:


3.) when you use your map to discover the section of the library where the HDs room located, you'll need tofind the row of shelves that encompass the letters and first couple of numbers top top your contact number. (In this case,HD 9397.) Look at the side of the publication shelves to find which books can be uncovered on a details row that shelves. In the picture below, you have the right to seeHD 9397 would fall between HD 9348and HD 9506.

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4) currently that you've discovered the ideal row of books for your speak to number, you're ready to find the publication on the shelf! Find speak to numbers starting withHD 9397 top top the shelf. Climate look at the next letter that appears in your contact number. This will likewise be in alphabet order. (So our example,HD 9397 U, will show up after HD 9397 A or HD 9397 G.)

5.) ~ finding HD 9397 U, you'll look for the following number (which is a decimal).

6. Proceed reading the remaining letters and also numbers in this way (alphabetically climate in number order) until you've located your book!


7. To examine your book out, take it it come the Circulation desk (on the first floor of RBD) or the Mell Circulation desk (on the second floor that the Mell great Building) v your Tiger Card!