Have you ever before wondered just how many varieties of lizards there are in Australia? Or what types of lizard stays in her backyard? one of the many visible species of reptiles in Australia, lizards help keep insects under regulate in your backyard and are an essential part that the ecosystem. Read more to learn about the lizards which live v us.

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Types of lizards

Did you know that Australia is house to much more than 850 types of reptiles? Unfortunately, 25% the these species are under risk of extinction, so there has never to be a far better time to take it an interest in our scaly friends.

There are five main households of lizards in Australia; skinks, geckos, dragons, legless lizards and goannas. Most of the lizards in your backyard would belong to either the skink family or the gecko family, but the dragons do make appearances in gardens follow me the east coastline of Australia.

What carry out lizards eat?

The great news around lizards is the they love to eat all the insects and bugs we regularly don’t want in ours gardens! smaller sized lizards prefer the usual Garden Skink feeds on small adult insects and also insect larvae.

Lizards like Shinglebacks and also Blue-tongues prefer to eater gastropods favor snails and also slugs, a perfect systems to the usual garden pests. In perfect ecosystem (which our gardens can gaianation.nete to be with the ideal care), insecticides and also pesticides wouldn’t must be used as lizards, birds and predatory insects choose spiders would certainly take care of all the unwanted insects.

If you space looking gaianation.nete make your backyard more lizard friendly, avoid using snail and slug pellets as these can prove fatal gaianation.nete lizards if ingested. Additionally, snail and slug pellets space deadly to dogs and also cats if ingested too, therefore it’s finest to avoid these chemistry at every if you have animals around.

Where perform lizards live?

Lizards love shelter and also will always seek the end hiding locations to stop predators. Ensuring your backyard has plenty of special grass, natural leaf litter, please branches and also logs and protected sunning clues on brick routes or organic rocks will carry out a really desirable setting to lizards. Some lizards like accessibility to water, such as ponds, for this reason if you are looking to attract lizards like Eastern Water Dragons, consider including a pond to your backyard.

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What carry out I execute if I find a sick or hurt lizard?

Unfortunately, lizards can end up being sick or injured simply like any type of animal. Accidents with lawn mowers and edge-trimmers room sadly gaianation.netmon, therefore it’s necessary to always pace her backyard before mowing to follow away any lizards which can get hurt by the turn blades. In warm weather, leave a shallow water food in a shady area of your yard v a absent in the center to provide water access to lizards. Make certain the rock is put so that the lizards can get out that the water and also escape from the dish. If you perform encounter an injured or unwell lizard, either take them to her nearest veterinarian or speak to your local wildlife carer because that assessment and treatment.